Friday, August 22, 2008

I want to see that Bones site... has a feature on the redesign of the Fox website. One of the examples shown is a brand new Bones page. It's not a redesign of the official Bones page the show has always had. But it might be one of the "new" sites mentioned.

The other key component of the strategy is directing audiences away from the main Web site and onto the dozens of other show-themed sites Fox is launching. For “Fringe,” for example, that means putting viewers on the road to, a Fox-owned site filled with both real and fictional examples of “fringe” science.

“There are a bunch of other sites there as well (tied to ‘Fringe’),” Mr. Tankersley said. He declined to name the sites, however, declaring, “Part of the fun is discovering them.”

Interesting! Anyone have a bead on the Bones site? Or up for suggesting a few names like "" (not the right one) or others?

It might just be an as yet un-seen redevelopment of that official page. But just for fun, what name would you pick for a Bones site?


Anonymous said... heee

Allie said...

it's..short, sweet, and to the point!

Milky said...

I've tried many combinations and nothing, yet.

Should we do a Boolean Search? lol.
Maybe it'll be KotL worthy, sort of.

Milk Mama said... =) =)

I'm liking =) (anonymous's suggestion) :D :D :D :D

Mom2ABnTB said...

I like the also. Very good suggestion!

Amanda said...

I, too, was going for is a real company. bah. ( is flash games) (real newspaper) (the real Jeffersonian Institute in Jefferson, Texas and no, I can't find out if they have cool orange or yellow coffee cups).

The Next Ninja Anthropologist! said...

what about ? (loved that comment in the season premiere!!!!)

i'm all for also. it's awesome! also !

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