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If you could resolve the Zack story....

If you could finish the Zack story, how would you do it?

Would he slowly fade out of the group?
Would it all be a dream?
Would he have somehow been coerced?
Would he be the mad scientist behind bars helping the rest of the Squints?
Would we find out he didn't do it at all?
Would he...?
If you could write the ending, no matter what you think of the beginning, how would you do it?

That's the question that drives the Zacksplanation script project between myself and Jamie Frevele. We have different passions and opinions about the Season 3 plot. We have different ideas on how to resolve it. What have different takes on pretty much everything. And with that, each of us wrote a script continuing the story.

We're going to post them on-line next week, one week before the premier. But first, I want to hear how you guys would handle the story!

We are not affiliated with Fox, Bones, any production company, etc. This is simply a fan project, a la fanfiction. It's just happens to look like a script. We're geeks. We're writing geeks. We're wannabee TV writing geeks. But no harm, infringement...please don't hurt us or pass off our work like episode sides. It's all in fun, but we worked really hard on it!


Louise said...

I had a thought that maybe Zack did everything he said, bar killing the Lobbyist.

It could be that he accepted the logical arguments for it, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Gormogon then got a new apprentice to carry out the job. Zack confessed to the killing for some 'logical' reason ... to protect his family, or because he was ashamed.

It could come out by Brennan being convinced that the facts don't add up, and obsessively trying to find the additional evidence that would prove him innocent. Everyone else thinks this is an unhealthy obsession, but eventually Booth comes around and agrees to help her. It could even end with another 'brain vs heart' discussion (Zack's heart won over his brain, Booth thinks Brennan followed her heart, but she is convinced it was her brain, etc etc).

But ... the longer it goes on, the more I think they should just move on. I would HATE the idea of it being a dream ... too much like Bobby Ewing getting out of the shower!

Amanda said...

Hmm... I would have done it in more episodes to give more explanation.

I hate dream sequences... they always feel like a cop out.

Given what we have to deal with, I think it would be interesting to see that Zack didn't actually do it, and that he is covering for someone else--a friend of his (not Hodgins, maybe an FBI tech or a significant other?)

More than that, I would have made Zack and ACTUAL victim, not just a figurative one. Why? The (at least) three times where he's the victim in the reenactments and someone says "Zack is always the murder victim."

Jamie said...

I can assure you that in neither of our scripts is Patrick Duffy exiting a shower, nor is anyone waking up next to Suzanne Pleshette.

Milk Mama said...

OK, I've got it.

Zack confessed to the murder of the lobbyist to protect the real person who did it... the new apprentice, who happened to also work at the Jeffersonian and Zack had befriended...

It would be nice to see that he didn't do it and it as all a mistake. =)

Louise said...

... maybe Naomi from Palentology did it!

Trish said...

Personally, I would rather have seen them fade his character out. Though it could have proven to be an interesting story line had they had the time to do it properly. (Darn writer's strike.)

However, given what we have been given to "work" with, it would be great to find out that he was actually covering for the person who killed the lobbyist. Now that I would buy. I believe in him getting involved somehow due to the logic, etc., but I can't believe that he would actually commit a murder.

I would also believe that it had something to do with his time spent in Iraq and the fact they sent him home because he couldn't seem to work outside of the Jeffersonian. Maybe he was rebelling in a way to show that there were places he could fit in outside of those hallowed halls. Touchy subject though and not one I see the writers ever attempting. Just a thought.

jeannie55 said...

I was thinking something along the lines of what Trish said. When he was sent home from Iraq he was looking for a place to fit in outside the Jeffersonian. Zack is totally a person who could be rationalized into doing something he feels is "for the greater good". I can see him making the dentures and stuff but he is no killer. There are so many facts that just don't add up that I don't think that Zack is THE apprentice but one of maybe 2. After his last apprentice was killed Gormagon had to "adapt". While he found himself a new one for the killing and eating (which is obviously essential for the whole concept) he also recruited Zack as a very useful helper. Maybe Zack doesn't even know that there is another person working with the Master. I feel that Zack was set up all the way by Gormagon. So why is he admitting the murder if he didn't do it? There is only one explanation for me - he feels he needs to do this in order to protect somebody, and I don't really see Zack covering for some random friend. To me, there are only very few people he'd care that much about, aside from his Michigan family which is obviously not a factor here. So whether the threat of sorts is real or Zack was just set up to believe that it was, to me he is confessing in order to protect his Jeffersonian family. There must be some bigger concept involved, even after the death of the current Master. So, there could be a story line discovering all this, and Zack could be cleared (sort of). However, things will never be the same, given that his hands were badly injured. Zack could move on, find his real place in the world (Teaching maybe?)and be a recurring character. Does this make any sense to you guys?

Sofi said...

Oh, yes. At the time me and a friend put a lot of thought over this. We thought that maybe things could have gone like this:

Zack is approached by Gormogon, they become friends and he invites him to dinner. He tells Zack they are eating Horse meat (that's why it tastes different) but in reality it's human flesh. After ingesting it Zack kind of gets poisoned and suffers this lost of rationality (although he thinks what he's doing is totally rational) and after being ordered by Gormagon he goes and kill the lobbyist.

Then pain in the hart comes and they find out is Zack, he's sent to the psychiatric guard and he starts being analyzed by Gordon Gordon. Zack starts to gets sicker and sicker, apparently he's got something that the doctors at the psychiatric guard can't tell so he's sent to Pleinsboro...or however it's written. He's sent to House's hospital, to be treated by his team. Gordon Gordon goes with him because Zack's under psychiatric evaluation, and Booth and Brennan too, because ... because it's Zack!

House team works hard to find out what's going on with Zack and he almost goes to the edge of dying! (okay, drama here!) Finally after several tests and days they determine that the human meat is what made Zack physically and mentally ill. It's all Gormagon's fault but he is dead and Zack is cured and released from the psychiatric guard because Gordon Gordon says he's no longer dangerous without the virus inside.

Voila! Happy ending, Zack goes back to Jeffersonian.

And! we re-introduced Gordon Gordon and made a crossover with House! what else do you want? :P

Truth is our mind can fly far far far away...


Ms. Feasance said...

I'd like to see that the lobbyist faked his death, because he is, in fact, Gormogon. Zack had somehow figured it out, and was, in fact, the guy in the closet at the end of Knight on the Grid. Maybe he had intended to kill him, maybe he'd only intended to get a confession out of him. But somehow, the lobbyist overpowered him, threatened his family, and ordered him to confess to killing the lobbyist in order to fake his death, so he could continue killing, but in an alternative form.

Think about it. For all the fact that Gormogon was built up as a huge Chessmaster of a villain, he never actually did much devious plotting. That guy in the house with the blue door was never questioned. What if he was just the hapless victim of a big Xanatos Gambit?

And also, if anybody's coming out of a shower in those scripts, it better be either T.J. Thyne or David Boreanaz. XD.

Wendy said...

One of the scripts does have a bath scene... but lips are sealed on who's involved! =)

Ms. Feasance said...

One of the scripts does have a bath scene... but lips are sealed on who's involved! =)
Fanservice for the win!

Joy_Booth said...

HEYLL NO! You can't just END Zack! No no no...If he didn't actually kill the lobbyist, he deserves to be set free! Yes, he was an accessory to murder, but once he is found psychologically stable (I hate psychology...ugh), he'll be released! You can't just TAKE HIM OFF!!

Sorry, being a total fangirl has its downfalls...Like blowing up out of nowhere. But it would like KILL me if he didn't ever come back! He's too important to them to be gone forever! Maybe...Brennan will finally admit she doesn't want another intern, only Zack, and Booth will release him for her. Or...Sweets will just let him go. (Being his psychologist, I think he has that power...not sure though...)

And yes! Naomi should've done it!!! God, I hate that woman...She's all wrong for Zack anyway! (See "The Boy in the Tree" She's a turd-head!!!)

And I LOVE the way sofi put it! It's perfect!! Zack's not a bad guy, Gordon Gordon comes back, Zack's not the killer, they do the House crossover, and Zack returns to the Jeffersonian!! (Sorry, I kind of have a one-track mind^^ I love Zack/Eric too much^^ remember...FANGIRL!!!^.^)

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