Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kathy Reichs: Spoiler on the next book

Devil Bones, book #11, is on the shelves today and Kathy Reichs is already giving out tidbits for the next one! Columnist Liz Smith just interviewed her (can't wait to see that full piece) and she had this to report:

SPEAKING OF writers, I just interviewed the wonderful Kathy Reichs on whose works they created the TV hit "Bones." Her latest, "Devil Bones" novel, coming out this very day, is about the forensic scientist Temperance Brennan and will shoot up the charts. But the inside skinny from Kathy is that her next novel will take place , not in North Carolina and Montreal as so many of her books have. No, the mise en scene will be Montreal and Chicago! This will somehow involve the mysterious deaths of elderly ladies and readers will get to meet members of Tempe's extended in-law family, the Petersons. They are a colorful lot.
Interesting flip!


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