Monday, August 11, 2008

King of the Lab - Trivia

In the Pilot, Brennan says that she recognized Cleo Eller's face because she "...recognized the underlying architecture of her features. Everything else is just window dressing." But later, in a different episode, she contradicts this and argues that putting a face on a skull like that isn't possible. Give me the details of that encounter (episode, etc).

First correct commenter wins! (make sure you leave a name)


Shep said...

Not sure - but is it Intern in the Incinerator form Season 3.

In this one, Angela knows teh skull is Kristen Reardon's just by looking at it.

Wendy said...

I need to make harder questions! =)

Grats Shep. x2 - you beat Tracie!

Shep said...



Tracie said...

Grats Shep. x2 - you beat Tracie!

lol! I'm glad someone else got the crown this time. I'll win it back again next time....maybe :p

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