Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kristen's Latest Bones Scoop

Kristen, at E! Online (who gave us the great 'beer in the shower' David Boreanaz interview) has posted a scoop list that includes a few Bones tidbits.

Chris in Moline, Ill.: Can you tell me if they will ever get around to catching the "Grave Digger" from season two on Bones?
Yes. (And the Grave Digger ep is one of my fave Bones episodes ever, by the way.) According to Bones boss Hart Hanson, "We are going to do the Grave Digger this year. He is our recurring fiend." Meaning, it's not just going to be a one-off: "I do think we'd dedicate a few episodes to catching him." I nominate Scott Glenn for the part, because he is awesome and can do villainy as easily as some people breathe.

Ally in Seattle: Bones!
According to Emily Deschanel you can expect the following from the first few episodes of season four: "We did a dogfighting episode-that was really sad. And we have an episode where the victim is a transgender person, and at first we don't know from the bones if it's a man or a woman, and we have to figure that out. That was a really interesting, wonderful story."

Admittedly, the Gravedigger thing is not new. It's been asked over and over and over and has passed way beyond the realm of "spoiler" by now. But I always love seeing them hit on Bones scoop. Attention never hurts!


Tracie said...

The video still works for me.

And when I read this spoiler this morning I squee'd. AiaS is my all time favorite Bones episode to date and I was hoping that they'd tie it up this Season. But to hear that they're going to do an arc? That makes me even happier! Yay for The Gravedigger being the Big Bad of Season 4. Hopefully, they'll be able to play it without any interruptions - like the Gormogon storyline had.

Wendy said...

Well good, I'm glad it works for you! My adblocker must be getting overexcited again...

jeannie55 said...

Excellent! I'm really curious to see how this one is going to be played out. I'm with Tracie on this - AiaS is my favorite till this day (closely followed by JoaP and VitS). But I guess that means that there will be a different resolution to this case than the one prematurely given away by the Fox website back then, or else it wouldn't really make much sense to make this a full story arc. But after this, they really should get a break from serial killers, no? ;-)

Milk Mama said...

No, it's news to me. Actually, I knew the Gravedigger was going to return, but not RECURRENTLY. Which is awesome!!! This guy certainly deserves more than one episode!!!

Milk Mama said...

Just a random thought... I wonder if they're going to bring up what Brennan wrote down in the previous Gravedigger episode? =)

Wendy said...

You're right. I totally missed the part about it being a multi-episode arc the first time I read it.

The Bones A-Z post about Sky1's site has a video where Hodgins talks about the original Season 3 Gravedigger plans. I hope they stick with that idea!

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