Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Latest Bones Spoilers

TV Squad has a full run-down Bones spoilers of "What to Expect in Season 4." It's chocked full of info covering love, work, and Zack.

The next episode title has been released. Episode 4.09 will be titled "The Skull in the Sculpture."


Shep said...

We pretty much knew that already but thanks. Looking forward to the return of the Gravedigger - maybe this time, Booth gets captured and Brennan has to save hima dn then when they finally get him out the pair will look into each others eyes and see the love there and finally have that true kiss and...ok, imagination getting the better of me there.

Wooo on the new eppy title, but couldn't they have thought of something better than 'The Purfect Pieces in the Purple Pond'? Try saying that five times fast!

Wendy said...

Yeah I didn't mean to imply they were new...but then people give in to the spoilers at different times. They might be new to someone =)

Shep said...

Eager to see how the Zack thing turns out too in 'Perfect Pieces..' I still have hope for the guy.

Shep said...

The 'Skull' one's new to me anyway. I was just referring to 'Perfect Pieces' because it was mentioned in the TV Squad thing.

Louise said...

Yeah, the sides have more info than these 'spoiler sites' ever do.

Thanks for the heads-up on the new episode though. There definitely seems to be less Booth in this one, so perhaps it is the next one that DB directs.

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