Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Matt Mitovich: Mega Minute Bones Chat

Matt Mitovich starts out this week's Mega Minute with a lot of Bones talk about the Season 4 Premier: Yanks in the UK. It hints at a lot but gives away no exact details...I say watch it! He rates the premier a 9 out of 10.


jeannie55 said...

I watched! But I see my biggest fear come true - Booth being too much portrayed as a "boldheaded American" and not very twisty cases. But yay for great interactions at home and abroad! Did he say that there was going to be 'earthshattering sex' in the episode? Or is that just a line? ('Me and some stranger on the street could have had earthshattering sex, you know.'; 'In my last book, Kathy Reichs and Andy had earthshattering sex in the back of the SUV.' That kind.)Couldn't really hear it.

Shep said...

Earthshattering sex eh? Hmmm....

As for Booth being portrayed as a 'boldheaded American' and the not very twisty cases, that's just Matt's opinion. We can decide for ourselves once we finally see the episode and even if it's true - it's entertainment and I know they will definately be outweighed by all that is good about the show!

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