Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Promo for the Bones Season 4 Premier

Who saw the fantastic promo for the Bones Season 4 Premier, "Yanks in the U.K."? Was that not great? Hopefully it will appear online soon! If you didn't see it, you need to!

Tracie, uh-hmm, going to take care of us all again? =)


Anonymous said...

It was absolutely hilarious. I loved watching Booth's little temper tantrum. I can't wait until 9/3.


Louise said...


Seriously, I enjoyed those few seconds more than most full episodes :)

"It's a bobble-headed Bobby!"

And was that a romantic dinner by the Thames I saw? Eek!

Only 3 weeks to go! Although, I'm then travelling for 3 weeks :( Please say the eps will be online so I can catch up!

Wendy said...

The little snippet at the end of the episode had a couple of different scenes too. And I LOVE Brennan hitting him after he says he needs a spanking. Awesome!

Louise said...

Ooh! Ooh! And the second promo! We get to see more of the 'spanking' scene!

I'm grinning like a giddy schoolgirl right now :)

Louise said...

... but why only on the arm? That is NOT where I'd hit Booth if he asked for a spanking

Milky said...

I assume it was on the TV. As I recall, this week's eppy was moved to wednesday to match the 4th season schedule-- I bet it was a promo shown during the commercials.
It's my gut telling me that.
I could be such a great help in certain crime fighting team we know about, uh?

I just hope someone will upload it SOON to youtube, in regard of us international fans' peace of mind.

Wendy said...

So true, Louise, so true! =)

Mom2ABnTB said...

Begging for someone to post on youtube. Seriously. On my knees begging (lol)

Anonymous said...

Someone has already loaded the second promo on youtube.

Here is the link:


Deepa Dev said...

Anyone have the link to the first promo on youtube maybe? please, pretty please? I can't wait for 9/3!!

Wendy said...

I have not found it yet and now I'm going to crash! Hoping someone has it up by in the morning =)

Tracie said...

I should have the first promo up shortly after I get home from work if I haven't deleted the episode off my computer yet (which I don't think I did). They must have aired the first promo when I had gotten up during that one commercial break. *shakes fists at FOX*

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH!!! I couldn't stop grinning during both promos, and after and during my rewind and watch again time! SOOOO FRIGGIN CUTE!!!! AhH! Can't wait can't wait!! Soo agree with the person who said they wouldn't have spanked him on the arm! LOL =)

Louise said...

Would be great if you could post the promo Tracie!

I agree ... I keep forgetting to stay for the commercial breaks - they have the best bits at the moment! (although I did love seeing Baby in the Bough again)

Shep said...

Anyone know when Bones will be airing on Sky One in the UK?

I can't seem to find any reliable info online - soem people say its the same day but I don't think that's right.


*begging on my knees with fingers crossed*
*puppy dog eyes*

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tracie, that would be great. Is it just me or did we really have more actual clips and stuff out about this time before the premiere last year?

Wendy said...


It should be the same month, but it will be delayed at least a week or two I'm sure.

Shep said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about that post!

I actually posted the third comment as 'anonymous'then.

Really frustrating that they don't give an exact date. Arrgh! :X
That means I'm going to have to abstain from this site for one two weeks - I can't afford any detailed spoilers!

Thanks anyway Wendy.

Wendy said...

Nooo, you can't abstain from OWB! =)

Shep said...

I dunno if I'd be able to but I'd have to try, else risk knowing about the premier - everyone will be discussing it.

I really hope it won't come to that!

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