Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Schedule Reminder: 2 hours of Bones tonight

It's just going to be a Zack themed day. Remember that tonight both Wannabee and Pain will be airing. Don't sell it all short though. Remember that little thing, ya know, about Booth getting shot?

Robert Bianco at USA today isn't forgiving though. Check out his latest Critic's Corner.


Shep said...

Hey! I like dark, continuing serial-killer conspiracy stories! And Bones made it different from other series, as it always does, because its a great blend of drama, crime and comedy.

Btw, did anyone watch Serial Killers Uncovered on Sky One? That was quite creepy. Some of it almost made Gormogon look like a saint! (emphasis on 'almost' - there is no excuse for murdering people then feasting on them!)

And for UK fans, I have been continously searing the net with a fine tooth comb and I have found ... nothing, actually on the exact UK air date of Season 4. But I'm not gonna give up hope!

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