Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Schedule Reminder! Bones is on Wednesdays now

I can't believe how close it is to the premier! 3 weeks tomorrow! In prep for that they've gone ahead and moved the Bones reruns to Wednesday night, starting this week. Don't miss it! This week is Baby in the Bough. Such a great episode!


jeannie55 said...

Is it sad that I am desperately waiting for my show to come back on? 3 more weeks - *sigh*! What do you mean by 'only'??? ;-)

Wendy, do we get Assistance King of the Lab bonus points for figuring out where the quote in your header is from? ;-) Because that one is from Goodman, 'Boy in the Bush' after Booth asks Brennan if she based Andy Lister on him in her books during that lecture in the beginning, I think.

Milk Mama said...


I was counting down the days, but I didn't realize it was THREE WEEKS FROM TOMORROW!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE! :D

Wendy said...

Haha, Jeannie. You rock! I love posting a different quote up there constantly.

Call it base lab work? hah

I miss Goodman

Louise said...

I love your quotes too Wendy, they always bring a smile to my face.

I often struggle to remember when they're from though ... maybe you could add the answer at the moment of the page somewhere?

Louise said...

Hey, you added the quote answers!

Thanks Wendy, you're the best!

Wendy said...

No problem!

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