Friday, August 22, 2008

Season 4 Premier Live Chat!

Well, I can definitely say enough people have responded to make Bones Season 4 Premier live chat happen! So, the moment Yanks in the U.K. ends I will run upstairs to my computer, set up the chatroom and send you the invites! Hopefully within a few minutes of the end of the episode we'll all be dishing!

For you lucky dogs who are at or near your computer while watching TV (not me) I will pop up a post at start time where you can all respond with your live thoughts.

Here's the list of people I have so far. If you haven't sent me your email, please do drop me a quick line at and I'll get you on the list for invites. If you haven't yet expressed your interest but would like to come, you certainly still have time. I will periodically pimp this event between now and the premier and give it one last plug the day of!

Yanin - have email
Razz - have email
Leah - have email
Taneesa - have email
Jocelyn - have email
Ms Feasance - have email
Mom2ABnTB - have email
L - have email
Amanda - have email
Su - have email
Trish - have email
Louise - have email
Johana - have email
Cupcakebean - have email
JoAnna - have email
Ashley - have email
ADDhole - have email
Jamie - have email
My husband - have email
(You, yes, YOU, whoever you are, belong here. Come join the fun!)
And, yeah, if you sent me an email and I missed it, poke me again.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

For those of you who don't get to participate this time, it is definitely something I hope to do again. And the next time around we'll come up with something that's friendly to all timezones. Me thinks that's a hard task with all this delay stuff...but I'll think of something! =)


Shep said...

Ah well...
I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and latch onto that tiny bit of hope that it will air in the UK at the same time but i highly doubt it!

If you could tell us how, maybe we could do our own sort of chatroom when the premier finally arrives - I know I won't be able to read this blog from the day it's shown on FOX to the day Sky One finally gets their ass in gear and shows it.

I'll need to obsess with a fellow Bones-obsessee else I'll drive myself crazy or I might have no friends left! (no-one else i know watches Bones so they'll be sick of me by the end!)

Milky said...

Thanks for thinking about all of us!

It's tough on those who have to wait.
I think that the most difficult thing is knowing you can't come here till you've watched the eppy, unless you want to be HEAVILY spolied :(

jojo said...

I already signed up, but I was wondering what time zone are you doing the live chat? east coast or west?

Wendy said...

East Coast

jojo said...

oh no..

that means I can't be a part of it unless I want to get severely spoiled (and that's just an understatement). oh well, at least I know this blog will always be here :D

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