Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spoiler Photos: The Man in the Outhouse

Spoiler stills for: The Man in the Outhouse, which is the 4th hour of Season 4) have leaked out already. You can see them at this link.

Thanks, Milky!


Milky said...

You're welcome :)

I thought I read somewhere thay they would probably change the Diner setting, but in the 1st pic (the same where you can see the stoned guy from 3x04, if I'm right) you can see it's the Royal Diner...?

Milk Mama said...

Awesome! Thanks for the pics! :D

Milky, what you read was that they were going to end their shows in other places besides the Diner--such as on-location locals in DC or on the Fox Lot. :)

And yes, you're right, that's the stoned guy from 304. :) (read it in a side)

lizzyshoe said...

I remember a body in an outhouse plot from one of the TB books and I wondered when they'd use it in the show. Gonna be an interesting ep.

Shep said...

Another premier shot too. The pics are tinmy but you can tell Booth is giving Ian a 'Bones-is-mine-so-back-off' look.

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