Saturday, August 16, 2008

That review thing

Husband didn't help. Turns out I should have asked him to hide the current book as well as the remote. I have DVR and Dish network now and I'm a HUGE Modern Marvels geek. But, yeah...

I got the review more than half finished. I just have to do the Booth/Brennan stuff. I feel completely discomfited though. It's been too long!

PS I did finish the book.

PPS He didn't hide the next one.

Hodgins: I demand another beetle. Jeff's got a groin pull.
Zack: Arthropods do not posses groins. Pay up.



Milk Mama said...

Are we talking about Reichs here? She's amazing! *sigh* Just finished Deadly Decisions and Fatal Voyage... on to the next!

Ms. Feasance said...
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Wendy said...

I just finished Grave Secrets. It was not my favorite. Too confusing with a large number of characters and intertwined stories.

Gary said...

Just an FYI, husband didn't help because husband wasn't informed of next books location, nor the status of finishing current book.

I had the perfect spot too.

Anonymous said...

Ok, husband is excused! ;-) But please no more new books until the next review has been posted, ok? ;-) (feeling very bossy now)

Wendy said...

No, no. Don't excuse him! =)

I'm working on it now. I feel very out of practice. I should have been doing at least one a week all summer without fail. I want to be in top form for Yanks!

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will. And there is still a few more weeks for you to get back into the swing of things. No pressure! ;-) And while I love reading your reviews, I am sure that your days has only 24 hours, too, and you have a lot of things going at the moment, so just take your time, ok? (PS: Are you done with it now so that I can start reading? ;-) Just kidding!)

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