Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TV's Biggest Mysteries: Angel at #2

Mom2b sent me this info from this week's print TV Guide where they ranked the Top 10 TV Mysteries.

#2 with "How did Angel's ultimate battle against evil turn out?
Apparently, things went to Hell. Literally. Creator Joss Whedon told
tvguide.com last fall that he would have 'plummeted LA straight to hell'
after Buffy's boy and his peeps charged that army of demons in the series
finale's closing scene. Instead, the apocalypse is now playing out in
the comic-book series called: Angel: After the Fall."

Thanks for the info!


Shep said...

Yep, the big boys in charge of Wolfram & Hart aka The Senior Partners, sent LA to a hell dimension and Angel made friends with the dragon he was going to kill.

I don't read the Buffy and Angel comics but I've been keeping up to date with the plotlines and there have been some major twists.

However, all I really want to know is if Buffy and Angel will finally be together. Joss Whedon loves pulling at our heartstrings but I'm pretty sure if things go otherwise, he may need to hire at least a couple of hundred bodyguards and a skip to house all his hate mail!

Wendy said...

Joss has never written a happy ending. Simon and Kaylee from Serenity were more of a happy beginning that never got a chance to end in typical Joss style.

That's the main thing that drives me nuts about the man.

Shep said...

He can't keep doing this to us!!

It's driving me insane! I've read so much happy, fluffy Buffy/Angel fanfiction that I almost forget that's not what really happened!

*Actually, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank B/A fanfic writers - major kudos to you guys, you've kept me going throughout these B/A starved years! :D*

That's all I'm asking for - just bring those two star-crossed lovers together. Even if they have to face more angst and pain, they can do that side by side. (Even Romeo&Juliet didn't have it this bad - they got to die together and didn't have sex with evil beings!)

And doesn't Joss realise how much profit he would make with this story arc? The Buffyverse fans would go wild (well, the ones with common sense anyway)

Mella said...

No , please no more Buffy and Angel . I puked through all of there scenes together.

Shep said...

I for one was retching through every Buffy/Parker, Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Spike (very disturbing), Angel/Cordelia, Angel/Nina scene. B/S and A/C made me want to gouge my eyes out!

Buffy and Angel have that true, eternal love-that-transcends-time-and-space thing. End of.

Leanne said...

I completely agree with shep. I am a die hard B/A shipper and I wish to the PTBs that Joss Whedon would let SOMEONE in his universes have a happy ending.

Shep said...

Leanne - you are my new best friend!!

I feel like I could die a happy person if Buffy and Angel get a happy ending. Please, please, please Joss, I'm begging youuuu...!!

Jeannie said...

I haven't watched Angel because I'm not sure if I will still be able to view David Boreanaz as Booth afterwards. Any thoughts on that? And hearing that there is no happy ending I'm not sure if I should do this to myself...

Shep said...

OMG you haven't? Have you seen Buffy?

You absolutely have to watch Buffy then Angel. They, along with Bones are my favourite shows in the entire world! Don't worry, David does an abosolutely amazing job (as always) playing Angel. Angel and Booth are two very different characters so you shouldn't have trouble viewing DB as Booth.

In Buffy, I thought he was mysterious, slightly broody and quite charming and then the uber-broodiness came after the whole Angelus thing. Keep an eye out for the leather trousers (or pants as you might call them)- phwoaar, he looks soooooo HOT! In Angel, David got a chance to explore lots of different sides of Angel's character so there's angst, broodiness, darkness, joy, even comedy and sexiness as always! The supporting cast are brilliant too!

Cordy said...

Booth and Angel/Angelus are very different characters therefore it shouldn't be a big problem to keep them apart. Besides DB was soo young back then.
I can only recommend to watch Angel.
I always liked Angel more than Buffy and I never was a Angel/Buffy shipper (yeah I know hard to believe for all the die-hard shippers out there). But I guess it's a lot easier to understand Angels background if you have seen his appearance on Buffy.
Angel is really a very good show, you should give it a try.

Shep said...

I love both shows but I have to say something happened to the Buffy show after Angel left. I felt the mysteriousness was gone and it felt sort of hollow. I think even the lighting changed - it looked more rosy and glowy - eurgh! Maybe Joss meant it to be like that or maybe it's just because I completely love Angel and I'm an uber-B/A shipper. Buffy was still great but it felt like the intense, warm, fuzzy darkness that came with Angel was gone!

The Angel series is a lot darker than Buffy but they're both fantastic and IMO, Season's 2 and 3 of Buffy were the best ever (lots of shirtless, yummy looking DB and even a naked DB ;D)!

Jeannie said...

Ok, I'm convinced. I'll try to find myself some DVDs and I'll give it a try! Thanks, Shep and Cordy.

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