Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Women in Forensic Science

This Associated Press article highlights the growing number of women choosing forensic science as a career. Many see the glamorous TV presentation on shows like CSI where:

Even while poking at dead bodies, the female scientists on shows like "CSI: Miami" often don revealing blouses and always have makeup jobs fresh out of a beauty salon.
It points out that is not the exact reality. But women in forensics can still be feminine and hey, whatever gets the women interested seems to be okay.

Happily, the article (briefly) thanks Bones as showing a positive female scientist but I'm a bit shocked/sad that it doesn't thank Kathy Reichs, even while thanking a 100% fictional female forensic scientist character found in books.


Shep said...

I wanted to be a forensic scientist amongst other things when I was younger but I'd be too squeamish about the blood and guts part.

Then I saw Bones and that really does make me consider forensic anthropology as a career. I know the stuff Brennan does has a certain ick factor but it's less than for example, Cam's job. I distinctly remember one episode where she was taking out a person's liver! Eww! :s

Milk Mama said...

Yeah that stinks that they didn't mention Kathy! :(

I would love to look into forensic science. I'm a complete science nerd, a great student, and blood and guts don't bother me... I wanted to dot that through high school, but there are no colleges nearby that do that. However, did find one with an entomology major, but bugs aren't my bag, baby. ;)

Shep said...

I think I could handle the blood but probably not the guts - too squishy and whatnot!

Yet, I did dissect a heart and a fish in school without throwing up or anything: the heart was fine - just a bit smelly but of course the fish stank like hell!

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