Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with Andrew Buchan

Andrew Buchan, who plays Brennan's British counterpart, talks about the writing in Bones, differences in British and American word usage, and filming in London. His voice is a bit deeper in real life than it is in the spoiler clip we've seen before.

*no spoilers*

Thanks Lindsey!


Mom2ABnTB said...

I found him to be very charming and funny. I might like his character after all (not! lol). Great find!

Shep said...

Rude to Booth whilst hitting on Bones!!

Annoying, concieted, womanising pig! I knew all he wanted from Bones was to get her into his bed! How on earth could he think she would abandon Booth to go have sex with some prick like him!

He deserves a good sock to the jaw! Or a headbutt I suppose - I think a headbutt from Booth should knock him out for at least a few long hours!

ok, i needed to get that out of my system *deep breaths*

Louise said...

Err, calm down there shep...

He seems very sweet. He doesn't so much have a deeper voice here, as a different accent ... he's actually from Lancashire, in the north of England, so what you're hearing is the northern working class accent vs the posh southern accent he has on the show.

I knew I recognised him, but its only hearing his real voice that I realise he's Jem Hearne, from the amazing BBC drama Cranford (I can't recommend that enough if you haven't seen it). Amazing transformation.

Shep said...

Sorry Louise. As you may have noticed I tend to get carried away.

Buchanan is sweet but it's just this thing I have - in my opinion, nothing and no-one in the universe should get in the way of true love or amazing pairings like B&B.

(Which is why no-one should ever get me started on the Buffy/Angel ship unless they are prepared for it!)

Milky said...

Shep, I can almost see you banging your desk several times, to then say "Ok, now I feel much better. What did I miss?" LOL.

Shep said...

LOL Milky. I don't know why but what you just said made me laugh so much.

No I didn't do that! But I do tend to overdo it sometimes. I think I did when commenting on the DB interview in response to what Cordy said - eek!

People, when I get like that, I'd rather you just ignore what I say. I'm only a teenager so I say whatever comes into my head at the time!

Milky said...

That's ok.
It just reminded me of Booth's tantrum on how he hated England, lol. I just had to comment.

Shep said...

Seriously, I couldn't stop laughing for like 10 minutes. I have no idea why!

Anonymous said...

I adore Andrew Buchan he's one of our most promising actors he's brilliant on stage. I will have to watch the first episode of this series if he is in it, He's so lovely and charming in real life as well

Anonymous said...

Must agree with the previous comment. Andrew Buchan is a terrific young actor. Graduated from RADA a few years ago, and has been making an impact on British TV ever since, playing St. John in Jane Eyre, Scott Foster in Party Animals, Jem Hearne in Cranford, and most recently John Mercer in The Fixer. A few months ago, I saw him play the lead in Arthur Miller's play, The Man Who Had All the Luck, and he was great. I was very pleased to meet him and he is very charming and unassuming. Can't imagine that you'd find many "celebrities" who are as down to earth as Andrew.

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