Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with Hart Hanson (Spoilers)

Here is a great interview video with Hart Hanson. He talks about Booth and Bones, Yanks in the U.K., and locations and filming in London in general.

Technically there are spoilers, including one of the "Booth and Bones will (x) this Season" that we have already heard. If you're completely anti-, skip it. He doesn't give away any specific plot points of the episode, but he does talk a little bit more about a scene from the promos and Booth on buses, both of which are funny.

As usual, his video is full of wonderful stories and tidbits you love to hear.

Thanks Lindsey!


Mom2ABnTB said...

I heart Hart.

Cordy said...

Wow that was very interesting.
Especially the story about the roundabout. 16 seconds thats a quite tight time-frame.

And yes I heart Hart too.
How could we not?

Milk Mama said...

Jeez, I wouldn't mind waving and yelling "Booth!" "Bones!" "Brennan!"

This is why I need to be English. So I can be among people who appreciate Bones to that extent lol! :D British fans are awesome!

Milky said...

I loved the stories!
Specially the one of DB having troubles on the bus. I'd read about it somewhere, but Hart told it so lively!

Can't wait to see it for myself.

Shep said...

I was dying to go into London to see them filming but i didn't get the chance

Damn, bugger and sodding hell!

Shep said...

Have to say it: I do not like Ian. I do not find him charming and roguish - especially when his idea of wooing Brennan is by comparing sex with him to brain surgery by a trusted friend.

Booth on the double decker will be funny - just wondering how he managed to fit cos he's like 6ft1" and the ceilings are fairly low..

Damn right they have a huge fanbase here! If I was there I would've screamed till I lost my voice.

I'm trying to get some friends interested in Bones but I don't think it's working, I'll have to try a different approach!

Louise said...

Aww, I love Hart.

This is the manor he said they filmed at, in case anyone is interested ... stunning!

Shep said...


Jesus! That mansion is huge! So beautiful.
And a 22 acre field!

God, how I'd love to live there!

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