Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with Indira Varma

Here is a cute video with Indira Varma explaining what it was like to work between Booth and Bones and how she helped rearrange some words and dialog to sounds right for an English (U.K. English) speaker. David Boreanaz makes a brief cameo.

*no spoilers*

Thanks, Lindsey!


L said...

Eee! I love her. How sad is it the writers got "apartment" to "flat" wrong though, huh? ^_^ Silly.

Milk Mama said...

Very interesting from her point of view!!! :D

I couldn't understand a thing that David said lol!

Indira is very beautiful. I just love her now! I think they chose two very perfect actors for Ian and Cate.

Milky said...

"He is a shame to your nation!" lol.

Nice interview.

Wendy said...

Well, when I can watch videos again I'll listen. I remember he does call out for "Inspector Pritchard" in his accented voice. I loved it!

Wendy said...

Husband helped figure out my issue! Yay!

Here's what I hear, I think:

Inspector Pritchard. From Scotland Yard.

Shep said...

I loved his accented voice!!

Louise said...

She was lovely. "Shut up David" ... you tell him girl!

Mom2ABnTB said...

She is so gorgeous. I could listen to her talk all day long! I love the accent! And David is being his comedic self as usual.

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