Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zacksplanation Time!

Okay, I know I've been talking about this for...forever. Some of you are excited and some of you may be tired of it. But here you go!

We're still not going to say exactly what each script entails. We both worked really hard and wrote some solid Zack fun! I hope you look at these scripts as more than just Zack stories. We poured a lot more into them than just his tale. Both scripts have full cases and stories outside of Zack. The scripts are very, very different, however.

One script has a case of the week with a Zack B-story.
One script has Zack as the main story, with a case around the edges.
One has a bath scene.
One has garbage being thrown on a beloved character.
One has cats.
One has pie.
One introduces a new science.
One has Booth/Brennan bickering cuteness.
And the biggest difference:
In one, Zack did it. In the other, he didn't.

We hope you read and enjoy them both! Please let us know if you do. =)

And, without further ado...

(These links will prompt you to save PDF files.)

The Man in the Restaurant (by Jamie Frevele)
(link removed as I've decided to work it into a full novel completely independent of Bones)

Choose-your-own adventure Zack (previous post)

If you just can't stand *not* knowing a bit about each script ahead of time, we each wrote introductions to our scripts, with spoilers, on our own blogs. You can read Jamie's here, and mine here. Enjoy!


jeannie55 said...

Downloading and reading! I will definitely post something tonight after I've read them both.

Irina said...

I've only read The Man on The Roof, but I loved it! Speaking as an aspiring writer I found your script both faithful to the series, funny (the B/B was sooo good!), and perfectly believable. Everyone was in character, and I really have to congratulate you!
And also add that I check your blog for info almost everyday. Thanks for helping us Bones fans!

Shep said...

Right, saved them and will read them asap. I've only read a bit of Man in the Restaurant but so far - B/B banter is great. Love the cats idea, though a visual of cute, fluffy little kitty cats feasting on a dead corpse is just a tad creepy! But I still think its great.

Mom2ABnTB said...

I just read Jamie's. WOW it was fantastic and so heartbreaking. I love it! On to Wendy's now ;)

Mom2ABnTB said...

Tears, Wendy, I have tears! You & Jamie both did such a wonderful job!!! Thank you both for sharing with us!

Louise said...

Wow. Have just read The Man on The Roof, and I think you did a fantastic job.

I'm particularly impressed with how you managed to write an actual script, complete with scene descriptions etc.

The characters were spot on (loved Hodgins), and I'm impressed that you didn't shy away from the reality of Zack's situation, but faced it straight-on. You also managed to answer a lot of questions without being too obvious or cheesy.

I guess the biggest compliment I can pay is that part way through I forgot that this wasn't an actual season 4 script. You had everything - from the case details, to the science stuff, the misdirection re suspects etc. You should definitely try to get this in the right hands!


Anonymous said...

i read yours today and was totally impressed. Love the BB interactions - funny but true to the show. It does seem like it could be a real, live episode.

Cordy said...

So I read them both.
And have to say, they are truly great. Each in their special way, because they are indeed quite different.
But I could imagine them both as a real season 4 episode. Awesome! It had everything you need for a good Bones epi. Interesting case, great B-story and the inevitable and adorable BB-banter.


Joy_Booth said...

I read "The Man on the Roof" already and I'm working on "The Man in the Resturant" now. I gotta say, you did a great job! You got the characters' personalities spot-on, and it was amazingly written. Plus, you didn't show a hatred towards Zack like I was kind of expecting (no offense). I liked that Zack hadn't contacted anyone. It just seemed like something he'd do, just so he wouldn't hurt anyone else.

My favorite part had to have been the end. That was so funny, Booth showing up while she's in her robe. And then the part with Zack was awesome. He's so cute^^ Also when Zack said that Booth was a bad influence on Brennan. I don't know why I liked that. I just did =P

Wendy said...

I don't hate Zack, I swear!

Thanks for the compliments :)

RMF said...

I finally got a chance to read through both scripts. The show has negated Wendy's approach, so I won't comment. I liked Jamie's script, because it introduces a new factor, posttraumatic stress disorder, into the explanation. I did not find the weak reasons offered by the finale at all compelling, that somehow logic got him there or that his intelligence got the better of him. Logic and intelligence don't place you into the service of a cannibalistic serial killer. The idea is pretty much offensive, as if intelligence were a malignant force that if not tempered would lead down a dark path. I think logic and intelligence, like science, are pretty much morally neutral, and some emotional disturbance would be necessary to cause a person to become that dysfunctional.

The problem with how PTSD is used in the script is that sufferers generally try to avoid anything that reminds them of the trauma they experienced. That puts Zack running away from, not toward, a serial killer. Had Gormogon merely been assassinating people he rationalized were dangerous, the idea of Zack supporting him in order to defend mankind might almost work. The whole dismemberment and cannibalism thing tends to get in the way, though. The psychopathology is just so glaring that you can't get around it emotionally, morally, or academically.

A possible way to involve PTSD would be if Zack and his cohorts had been captured by the enemy in Iraq and lived in fear of torture or death if they didn't do exactly as told. Perhaps something horrific happened to a fellow hostage because of disobedience. Zack then internalized it so that the next time he encountered a tyrannical authority figure in a situation of extreme danger, when he faced Gormogon, he simply did what he was told, including parroting the specious philosophy. I have read first-hand accounts of people who were abused and later exploited again by domineering people simply because to them, saying no was not an option. Caroline's initially puzzling description of the situation as a weak person being dominated by a strong one would actually kind of make sense, not because Zack was intrinsically weak, but because he had been made vulnerable. He could even have equated the staff at the Jeffersonian with his fellow hostages and been trying to protect them by following orders.

Yeah, that and $1.75 will get me a really nice cup of coffee. Yet, something more ought to be going on than what we were first offered. "Purple Pond" revealed Zack to be so plagued by guilt that he was willing to pay the penalty as if he had done the murder himself. That means the show has him as both a logical thinker with an overactive superego and a serial-killer sock puppet. That's not the same person.

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