Wednesday, September 3, 2008

17 Pop-Culture Questions for David Boreanaz

Mandi Bierly, from and our recently posted podcast rumble, asked David Boreanaz "17 pop-culture questions". It has a lot of fun information that has not been put out before., he wasn't close in the running for Batman Begins, but he did nearly have something else...

Check out the full Q&A here.


Jeannie said...

Mandi, if you ever need someone to make you coffee, take notes or stand around sheepishly while you're interviewing David Boreanaz, please give me a call! If not, where can I find a job like yours? ;-)
That was a really fun interview. And I must say, I'm totally impressed how affectioned he speaks of his wife. That's sweet.

L said...

HAHA "Low" is my guilty pleasure dance song too! :D

And ugh I can't believe he got to see LedZep! So jealous.

(I agree with him about Heroes, too.)

Hehe, I love how candid he was, especially toward the end there! You tell 'em, DB.

Amanda said...

I agree, I've tried to watch Heroes. I really did.

I can't say I blame him for being snarky about how Fox keeps giving Bones bad time slots. That said, X-Files wasn't expected to last an entire season, but picked up viewers over the summer. While it hasn't been as dramatic, Bones has increased in ratings with Season 3. Let's hope Season 4 does the same thing.

Louise said...

That's funny ... love how supportive he is of Bones. Must be the sportsfan in him, dissing the other teams.

Angela Schaller said...
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Anonymous said...

Hilarious. And whoa! Bitter. LOL. No, I totally get it. Fox is notorious for crapping on good shows.

Love how excited about the show he seems.

Shep said...

I love this guy!

So, karaoke - not a big fan of Barry Manilow then? lol!

He is such a down-to-earth guy: the Food Network and gardening channel!

And he's so supportive of Bones! I've never seen Heroes even though people I know say it's good. I never got round to it and I knew about before the majority of people did! Honestly, I can't be arsed! Give me a good dose of Bones any day :D

Ms. Feasance said...

I actually, vehemently disagree with him about Heroes, because he said "Buffy was doing that ten years ago." (I flipped off my computer screen when I read that.)
::puts on her pedantic hat::
Heroes and Buffy are two seriously different types of sci-fi. Heroes is a dark and moody take on the X-men concept; where Buffy, even though it could go on the dark side, was always kind of --- twinkly in tone. Plus, Buffy had a clear lead. Heroes, on the other hand, prides itself on being a true ensemble cast, in that there's no one character without which the show won't work and there are a number of parallel storylines, at least two of which you probably won't care about at any given moment. (None of the castmembers are ever submitted for "best actor" or "best actress"; but always for "best supporting.") If anything, the only character that can conceivably be compared with Buffy is Claire.

Sure, I'll concede it's slow getting started in Season One, and most of Season 2, on a week-to-week basis, straight-out sucked. If you watch Season 2 in one straight shot, though, it's much better. Most of the idiocy actually comes around and makes sense by the end of the season.
Episode One of Season 3, from the leaks I've seen, looks like an adrenaline thrill-ride. But once the plot gets rolling in Season 2, it's fantastic.

/pedantic wank.

Ms. Feasance said...

"He is such a down-to-earth guy: the Food Network and gardening channel!"

I read somewhere recently that while movie actors typically are movie fans, TV actors rarely watch TV. (Was it here? It might've been here.)

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