Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bones Promo from the Premier

Here is the Bones promo shown at the end of Yanks in the U.K. last night. It highlights the next episode, The Man in the Outhouse, as well as more upcoming stories and scenes in season 4.

Thanks to Tracie for posting it and Sarah for tipping me off.

PS I'm glad you guys are posting your thoughts on the episode and I can't wait to read them! Thanks to computer issues, life busy-ness and more, my review just can't go up yet. The fact it's a 2 hour episode and I do like to run on, and on and on, well...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! And yes, posting a review, like...totally within this week. You guys can post a shame train in comments. I don't mind.


Mom2ABnTB said...

Thanks Tracie! My Tivo cut off the promo so I didn't get to see it. Too funny! I cannot wait (again!)

Amanda said...

I loved the "Ranger Rick" comment.

The deep-sea diver line still makes me laugh. So does Hodgins' piece of advice and Brennan disliking firing him.

I used to run a small wastewater plant... pit toilets (outhouses) are awful. WAY worse than raw sewage.

The good thing is that it looks like we'll be getting back into the lab a bit more.

L said...

Yes! The "that's why they invented dueling" line was what cracked me up when they showed the preview on Wed after the ep. :D Love it.

Shep said...

Booth's comments always crack me up! Loved the deep-sea diver conversation.

Unless I'm completely wrong, I think the guy who plays Mark is Brennan Elliott (kinda ironic don't you think). I can see what Brennan finds attractive in him - he's pretty hot but I'm still with Booth all the way and nothing's going to change that!

Ms. Feasance said...

Unrelated, but I was watching my Heroes Season 2 DVDs with the commentary tracks on. Greg Yaitanes (director of several S1 Episodes, including the pilot) was the director of episode 9, Cautionary Tales, and during the commentary track, he comments on someone else on the Heroes crew that he worked with on "a pilot on another network. About a forensic anthropologist. Cough, cough."
I squeed.

twilum said...

What was with Hodgins and Angela?! They went from true love bells to "WEDDING'S OFF PEOPLE!" in the span of one hour. lulz. Can't wait for next Wednesday.

Milk Mama said...

Shep, good call! You're right, I found it on IMDB:

"Bones" .... Mark Gaffney (1 episode, 2008)
- The Man in the Outhouse (2008) TV episode .... Mark Gaffney

That's a funny coincidence. :D It must have been a tad confusing on set when people would say, "Brennan." Who would turn their head first? LOL.

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