Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bones Ratings: Yanks # 10 of all shows last week

It's always nice to see Bones crack the top 20 in show ratings for a week. But how about when it cracks the top 10?! It did just that, with Yanks in the U.K., coming in 10th. And it was slightly higher still, 9th, in the all important 18-49 demo group. That's fantastic all around!


Rank Shows Net # Viewers (LIVE+SD) (000) HH RATING (LIVE+SD) HH SHARE (LIVE+SD) # OF HOMES (LIVE+SD) (000) 18-49 Rank
1 NBC SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL NBC 18,351 11.2 18 12,842 1
2 NBC NFL THURSDAY SPECIAL(S) NBC 13,531 8.6 15 9,882 3
3 SUNDAY NIGHT NFL PRE-KICK NBC 13,337 8.1 14 9,273 4
4 FOX NFL SUNDAY-PST GN-NAT FOX 12,907 8.1 15 9,317 2
5 DEAL OR NO DEAL-MON NBC 10,964 6.8 11 7,778 16
6 AMERICA’S GOT TALENT NBC 10,772 6.6 10 7,602 10
7 AMERICA’S GOT TALENT-WED NBC 10,249 6.3 10 7,238 12
8 60 MINUTES (R) CBS 10,075 6.6 12 7,596
9 FOOTBALL NT AMERICA PT 3 NBC 10,026 6.2 11 7,077 6
10 BONES FOX 9,739 6.0 9 6,877 9


Louise said...

Go Boneo Show! :)

Trish said...

Wow! This is exciting. The only "drama" on the list. No Prison Break? I say again, WOW!!!

Stephanie said...

Alright! This is awesome!! I'll be interested to see where Bones ends up on the ratings list once all the new shows have started back up again.

Milk Mama said...

LOL Boneo Show!

Oh yes! We are awesome! And you're right, Trish! The only drama on the list! That's so incredibly awesome!

Milk Mama said...

Oh! Everyone check out the networks! There's only one other Fox show on the list and it's Football! That means that it's literally Fox's number 1 series! :D :D :D

Stephanie said...

Bones is the only scripted show on that list, lol. Good for them, but that's a sad reflection on the viewing habits of Americans nowadays. *shakes head*

The Next Ninja Anthropologist! said...

That's awesome! I can't believe it beat Prison Break! But one thing troubles me...you notice that it's number ten, and Zack's gone? That's just not right!

However I've gotta admit, when Booth got out of the car in the middle of the road and began yelling, I cracked up BIG time. That's so Booth!

"I'm glad we had a revolution!" -Seeley Booth


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