Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bones Review: Gratuitous Overuse of "Jump the Shark"

Ted Cox, with Chicago's Daily Herald, is a bit snarky about the Bones Season 4 premier. I stopped counting how many times he claims Bones "Jumps the Shark." But in the end he seems to like the show? I'm really not completely sure. He does give a few positive statements in there, and he answers definitively at least one spoiler question, but overall he's not very nice to Bones.

That's what makes the relationship between Booth and Brennan so fitting: their contradictions. For all his intuition, Booth is more set in his ways, while for all her logic Brennan is more eager to leap at new experiences, yet she can never quite bring herself to jump on Booth. They get along like a well-matched married couple - fractious, yet loving and respectful - only without the sex.
Which is then followed immediately with:
That's the one trademark "Jump the Shark" moment "Bones" might not be able to survive.
Do what? Has he missed the long line of shows that keeps tension rolling? You can read the full article here.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll pass on reading the full article. It'll just annoy me. :)

Anonymous said...

I read the whole article and I have to say that I sort of agree with the journalist.
I don't know if you have been out there already for years, like me since the pilot episode, waiting for something tangible to happen between B&B.
I have.
I understand that Hanson is chickening out and does not have the courage to make anything happen. Just teasing us. The AU episode, as much fun as it will be, is still a teasing.
I will keep watching Bones, till the end. But the constant tease, these same old sketches and lines between Booth and Brennan are losing freshness, they become old. Yes, Hanson thinks he can just refresh the show removing Zack, adding Sweets, introducing a pletora of new grad students (hey, it's not even original, in House they did something similar!) but if he does not refresh and let Booth and Brennan grow, and let the show grow, then I see a decline. At least there will be a decline in my interest, the moment I don't trust Hanson anymore.
If Booth and Brennan getting together can endanger the show, so it does the not putting them together at all costs.

Louise said...

I disagree - I read the article, and I thought it was a lot more pro-Bones than I expected.

Yes, he uses the 'shark' phrase too much, and mostly incorrectly, but I think his main point is this ... Bones has had many moments that could be classified as cliched 'jump the shark' moments ... and yet it always pulls them off.

To be honest, I can't disagree with him. Bones with baby, the mistletoe kiss, Booth coming back from the dead ... these were all things I thought would be terrible, and yet they always seem to make it work. Even the premiere is a typical 'a special night on Bones' episode, what with the extended two-hours, and on location in ye olde England.

I think his main point is this ... Bones shouldn't work, but it does. And I think that's one of the things I love about it.

Shep said...

I completely agree with you Louise

Mella said...

I don't know . I think he is right and I'm not so sure Bones is coming back for a 5th season if they continue to go down the soap line

Amanda said...

"Jumping the shark is a colloquialism used by U.S. TV critics and fans to denote that point in a TV show or movie series' history where the plot veers off into ridiculous story lines or out-of-the-ordinary characterizations, undergoing too many changes to retain the original appeal of the series." (from Wikipedia)

I think they COULD go back to being more procedural and make many of the fans happy. However, from the beginning, HH has stated that BONES would be a character show with a case. I agree with Louise, I thought the eps she mentioned would be pretty gimmicky, but they were pulled off reasonably well, and with the talent of the writing staff, I have high hopes for the upcoming season.

My question, sort of in line with the comment from Mella, is WILL there be a season 5 (or 6 or 7). I think that needs to be answered in order to keep good content going in Season 4. When one of my longtime favorite series, due South, ended, Paul Gross (one of the leads, the Producer, sometimes writer/director) said that if they'd had 15 or 20 good stories to tell they'd have gone on for a 5th season. As it was they only had maybe 5, so they didn't go for that 5th season.

Honestly, I'd rather Bones have a GOOD run than a gimmicky run and lose what it has going.

Interesting discussion at JTS.com http://www.jumptheshark.com/topic/Bones/Bones-General-Comments/255

Chuck Hamilton said...

Up to this point, the muted sexual tension between Booth and Brennan was believable. But last night was too much and not at all credible, both the interaction between them and Brennan herself. I was likewise unhappy with the complete lack of tension between Hodgins and Angela after they broke up in last week's episode; it's like nothing ever happened between them. If next week's ep is more of the same, it will be my last.

Wendy said...

Well, the Hodgins/Angela thing speaks to my personal beef with written vs aired order. This episode was written and shot before Yanks was more than a "We're going to London" twinkle.

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