Wednesday, September 10, 2008

David Boreanaz behind the scenes at MyFox NY

David Boreanaz was in NYC last Wednesday for his Regis & Kelly interview and it looks to me like he's wearing the same outfit. The Megavideo poster dates it today but I think it's from a week ago. I also have no idea if there was an accompanying interview or what.

Either way, very funny and cute!


Shep said...


He is a great improvisational actor! I'd love it if I could really call FOX and David takes the call!

Anonymous said...

God, I just LOVE that man! :D

Zoe said...

Loved how vulnerable he looked at the beginning, all two-leftfooted about the new surroundings... But, he gets right back in the game!

Tracie said...

I'm the "megaposter" in question :P

It was from today. I caught him on the FOX 5 news this morning while I was getting ready for work, but it was only the tail end of it. The reporter said to go online for some extra footage on the foxny website - so that's what I did once I got to work :)

I also posted the preview for next weeks episode on youtube if you wanted to post it...

Wendy said...

Well you just rock both sides of the videos :)

I still think it's pre-recorded though. The man is always dressed to the T and that looks like last week's outfit. Other than similar shoes, I don't think he goes out in the same combo twice?

And his time in NY was last week too. I just don't think he'd go back twice and interrupt shooting.

Just my thoughts!

Shep said...

You rock Tracie! Thanks!

Haha! Booth's afraid of the dogs! I like how it brings out the less tough-guy side of him, he looked so cute and vulnerable when he jerked away from that small, fluffy one (sorry, I'm not an expert in idetifying breeds of dog).

And Booth & Brennan looked so good together at the end of the vid! They are one of the best on-screen couples of all time!

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