Tuesday, September 2, 2008

David Boreanaz: Conference Call

David Boreanaz is making the press rounds promoting Bones Season 4. The earlier post from Hal Boedeker is part of it, I'm sure.

But Lynn @ Searchingbones has posted some additional tidbits from her conference call participation and promises a full interview recap to come. Check it out here. It has spoilers, sorry!

I asked if we had seen the last of [the Cocky belt buckle] and he laughed and said that it is definitely still around and we’ll continue to see it this season.
What do you think about what she's posted?

PS I'm looking forward to learning more about Booth!


Milky said...

The Dark Side of Booth?
It'll be great to know more about him! Though it seems it'll be a bit angstsy-- which could be an interesting counterpart to the humor in the show... and could work as some kind of emotional trigger as well!

Really, really can't wait!

Anonymous said...

David Boreanaz has done an interview with msn, if you want to share it :) http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx/?news=328983

Wendy said...


heirofloki said...

Oh, dark Booth I'm definitely looking forward to.

Louise said...

Yay! Dark!Booth

I'm loving this idea of seeing Booth put himself together in the morning, and how he has these defense mechanisms, like the poker chip. Especially since I've always thought of the crazy socks being something he started after his foot injuries.

Good on you DB!

Shep said...

Yay for Dark Booth! Tbh, any sort of Booth is fine for me, but yay all the same. It'll be great to see some Booth-angst, it will give Brennan and the viewers a chance to learn more about him and the more Brennan knows, the closer they will become: equalling possible kissage!!

I might be thinking a bit far but on a more seruous side, Dark Booth will give his character more layers and depth and will probabaly add to the general hotness - I've always admired DB's ability to show deep broodiness.

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