Thursday, September 4, 2008

David Boreanaz interview on MyFoxRaleigh

This video interview with David Boreanaz looks to have been conducted yesterday. MyFoxRaleigh asks about London, Season 4, Zack, and more. It's not the most engaging interview but David does mention that they will be "traveling" more this year. US travel provides a lot of interesting twists, so I look forward to that.

The interviewer asks a lot of good questions and they intersperse Yanks and Pilot clips, which is an interesting mix. (They show the Oliver Laurier take-down, one of my favorite moments.)


Milk Mama said...

Hey, that sounds interesting to watch. And I loved the Oliver Lorier takedown, so I'm going to go watch taht now! :D

Shep said...

Loved the takedown - so cool! I love hardass Booth!

It's great that DB is so insightful and takes such an interst in his character as opposed to just doing what teh director tells him - he really makes it his own!

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