Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emily Deschanel: Somaly Mam Event

Emily Deschanel has been busy lately with charities! Last night, September 16th, she appeared at the event "An Evening of New Dreams with Somaly Mam." The goal of the Somaly Mam Foundation is to end human trafficking around the world.

The woman's skin is amazing!


Milk Mama said...

Yes, she does have amazing skin. I think I read somewhere that she drinks veggie juice and it does wonders for her skin. I believe it. Jeez, where do I find a veggie juicer?

Gary said...

She has good teeth too.

Johana Alvarez said...

She looks beautiful! And yes...her skin is amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate that she cut her hair.. again. The moment it finally grows back and ZAC! she has cut it again.

Why? She looks much better woth longer hair..
In any case, simply gorgeous!

alexandra said... my opinion she looks better with short hair.
She's simply amazing!

Joy_Booth said...

I just think she's amazing all around! And I agree with anonymous, she does look better with long hair, but she's beautiful either way.

kathrine said...

she really is a true beauty..
and i agree with gary. i noticed that.

she looks gorgeous but more so with her long hair.. she shouldn't have cut it off..

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