Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eric Millegan in NYC

Monday night, September 15th, Eric Millegan took his cabaret show to New York City and appeared at Don't Tell Mama. Jamie Frevele was able to go see him in person and graciously provided a picture and a first hand accounting.

Thanks, Jamie! You can visit Jamie's Huffington Post blog here and her personal blog, Flummoxology, here.

Spoiler warning for the 2nd paragraph!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Had the opportunity to see Eric Millegan perform his Cabaret show at Don't Tell Mama in NYC last night. Obviously, we all know how talented Eric is, but it's nothing until you've seen him in his element, singing live. He sang a lot of songs from shows he's worked on and appearances he's made, including "Popular" from "Wicked," which he just did Saturday for the Point Foundation event honoring Kristen Chenoweth. He also had a funny story about how he was to present it - it's a girl's song, sung to another girl, does he sing it to the audience, what kind of mic does he use ("I'm going to use a body mic," he declared). But his voice has such range and strength; we were lucky to see a preview on "Bones" when Zack sang in the lab last season.

But the most fun part was meeting him afterwards. He definitely recognized my name from my Huffington Post and we ended up talking about the fan script I wrote, in which (as some of you know by now) Zack was not a killer. Eric gave me a really big, cryptic smile and said, "Watch September 24th." "Really? Is Zack not a killer?" "Watch September 24th." So, we should be in for a treat next week when, as Eric put it during his show, "Zack. Is. Back."

Bottom line: Eric Millegan is pretty much awesome in every way. Really great looking in person, amazing to listen to and watch, and extremely appreciative of the support he gets from everything - the venue, his friends, and his fans. If he's not a huge star, I will be baffled as to why.


Jeannie said...

How cool that you got to meet and talk to him in person! He seems like such a nice guy, and you guys look very cute together in that picture!
I was going to see him play basketball next week here in Germany but they only play at very secluded locations (Army bases) far far away from where I live, so sadly I won't be able to go. But hopefully he'll be back!
Did you point him towards your script? He might enjoy reading it!

Tracie said...

I was there too and he even sang a song to me. I'm from NJ, but I was temporarily from Rhode Island for the night :p

These are the songs I remember from the show - in no particular order: Greatest American Hero, All for the Best (Godspell), Denial, Heaven on Their Minds (Jesus Christ Superstar), I Know Now (Snoopy), Popular (Wicked), Rhode Island is Famous for You, Don't Be Anything Less (Snoopy), A song from Mask: The Musical and a bunch more

I, too, asked him how they could have made Zack a killer when it was obvious that he wasn't the one who jumped out of the closet at the end of The Knight on the Grid. He pretty much gave me the same answer: "Watch September 24th".

It really amazes me what a great actor he is. In person, he's not at all like Zack. He's so totally charismatic and vibrant. What I like most about him is that you can really tell that he loves what he does an appreciates people coming out to check out his shows. He was the same way when we met him last year, after seeing him in "Don't Quit Your Night Job" (he was in it for one night).

He's a truly amazing performer and I would suggest that if he's doing a show anywhere near you guys in the future, you should totally go :)

CupcakeBean said...

That's awesome that you guys got to meet him in person. He's seems like such a nice guy and very down-to-Earth (the whole cast seems like it). I can't wait to see what's in store for us on the 24th!

Milk Mama said...

That's cool! :D :D :D

Jamie said...

Tracie - You're "the" Tracie! Wasn't it a great show? I wish he'd come back more often than every four years!

Tracie said...

Yes, yes I am "the" Tracie. :p

And I agree 100%, he definitely needs to come back before 2012. Maybe he'll do another thing like "Don't Quit Your Night Job" so we won't have to wait that long to see him. *crosses fingers*

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