Friday, September 26, 2008

EW: Fix the Emmys!

EW's Ken Tucker posts on the PopWatch Blog:

One moment said it all about last Sunday's Emmy Awards. Did you see when Bones' David Boreanaz presented the Outstanding Guest Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series awards alongside The Hills' Lauren Conrad? Usually the most affable of actors, Boreanaz, introduced by Heidi Klum as star of The Bones, could barely bring himself to look at Conrad. His dead stare and body-language said, "I was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, two great shows this academy barely even acknowledged. Now I'm acting in another hit show, and I have to hand out an award with a reality star? Get me outta here!"
Check out the full article for suggestion on how the Emmys might not suck next year.


chattypatra said...

Ha! Good to know I'm not the only one who had those thoughts. The doozy was when she had the gall to interrupt him to say, 'that was my line'. What an idiot! Doesn't she have any manners? I thought David was going to have a stroke! He deserves better than that. Really.

Stephanie said...

I agree. I felt bad for him when, after he seemed to be in such a great mood on the red carpet with Jamie, he seemed like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world when he was presenting. Anyone from The Hills shouldn't even be at the Emmys. Period. Of course, he was probably a little irritated at Heidi messing up the show's name, too. It's not a difficult title!

Milk Mama said...

Ten bucks says that that woman said something snotty to him backstage. lol

And seriously, David and Emily DO DESERVE to stand up there and not JUST hand out awards. I mean, Come On!!!

Ladychyde13 said...

They are just like the Oscars, it's a popularity thing and not who really is a good actor. The hills shouldn't even be near the emmys. To me it's not even a real show.

TempeBooth said...

professionalism schmofessionalism. if he wants to be snotty for being paired with an actress-wannabe, he can have my permission. nobody wants to stand next to a moron.

Shep said...

lol, hear hear!

I didn't watch the emmys but anyone know where I can see this part?

I've always hated reality shows - it's an invasion of privacy for the purposes of public entertainment, not that it entertains me in any case. They don't even have anything to do with real life - it's often been said that Buffy and Angel have been more real than any reality shows and I completely agree - they explored real human emotions and problems, but on a supernatural level.

David had every right to be pissed at being paired with her,I would've been, she's not even a real actess - it's just an easy way to gain fame without having to work for it!

Joy_Booth said...

Gah if only it wasn't a damn popularity thing. I felt so bad seeing him like that, and YES! Emily and him should've gotten an award!

Hey, if all of us BOHHHHHHH-NZZZZZZZ fans stuck together, maybe they'll have a shot next year^^ Unless it's one of those where only the celebs can vote in which case I feel really stupid right now^^

I agree with tempebooth and shep. If I had to stand next to some "actress-wannabe" I'd be really ticked! It should've been Emily standing with him! The two stars of THE BEST show out there! But's aaaaaaaaaaaaall popularity.

Stephanie said...

Joy, the fans have absolutely nothing to do with Emmys. The nominees and winners are determined by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. All the fans can do is watch the awards ceremony.

I don't consider The Hills to be a real show, either. It's a bunch of spoiled brats trying to get famous by letting cameras film everything that happens in their lives. Someone at the EW link said that Bones only gets twice the ratings The Hills does, which is not really true. Bones has been getting close to 10 million a week this season, where The Hills gets about 3 million.

Anonymous said...

You know? I actually thought he was maybe... nervous? I don't know. I was reading this interview (I can't remember where) and DB mentioned that he does get kind of nervous before interviews and such. Also the fact that he actually messed the line...I think the guy was probably just feeling out of his element (although, Lauren Conrad was waaay out of line when she called him on it. LIVE. For the world to see. Man, that was terribly awkward).

Jane said...

I actually thought he looked more nervous. But then again, at least from the clips that I saw, the entire night seems to be pretty off.

Except for the Colbert-Stewart.

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