Monday, September 22, 2008

EW Red-Carpet Montage

David Boreanaz loves him some designer duds. He reads Jaime's wardrobe list with some serious excitement! They're a very cute couple.

It's a long video. David and Jaime appear just before the 3 minute mark, for about 40 seconds. No spoilers, show talk, or anything in this one.

Thanks Lindsey for the link.


Anonymous said...

Jaime looked nervous.

Shep said...

I swear David is like one big bowl of hyper, wacky happiness - and it's infectious! There's never a dull moment and he always makes me smile!

Nicole said...

Awwwww. Jaime is such an awesome down-to-earth woman. David and Jaime are really lucky to have each other. They are too adorable for words. They've been my favorite married celeb couple since they got married lol

tea-leon said...

it wont load at all for me its been 45 mints

can someone please grab it to youtube i will be eternely gratefull
thanks in advance

Mo said...

i was watching this live... and there were talking to DB and Jaime for longer than shown here.
All that happened was is the interviewer(sry forgot her name) asked Jaime to show her stelletos to the camara.. and then DB was like check out my shoes... and then they laughed at his big feet... it was really funny!!
I love DB.... and i have to admit him and Jaime are pretty cute together... i still love him with ED, tho!! LOL!!

Milk Mama said...

Yeah. They are cute cute cute. :D Jamie is just plain adorable. :D

Anonymous said...

To mo:
Um...but, he's NOT with ED and he NEVER will be. Jaime's his wife. Have some respect. Seriously. Shipping the characters is one thing, but wishing the actual actors were together when one is married with a child and the other is in a serious relationship, is so inappropriate and disrespectful to the actors and their loved ones.

Anyway, David and Jaime looked lovely, as always. They are definitely kindred spirits and are so down-to-earth. Such a lovely married couple.

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