Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Finger in the Nest: Live Thoughts

Weekly deal. I can't be at the computer and the TV at the same time. But, that shouldn't stop the rest of you from sharing your thoughts! Post away, all your thoughts about "The Finger in the Nest", as it airs.

And don't forget about the Reasons to Love Bones. Hopefully we'll have plenty to add from this episode!


CupcakeBean said...

Wow! I LOVED it! And did I hallucinate Brennan saying Booth has warm, caring eyes?!

ADDhole said...

cupcakebean stole my "Wow!" This was a great episode. I loved everybody's parts and Hodgins was perfect. This was fantastic. I am not pleased with the chain of Angela male bashing comments but I'll overlook that for any episode so complete and satisfying. And The burial was gripping. Again . . Wow.

CupcakeBean said...

At first I was annoyed with Hodgins. I thought he was a little over the top. Then, when they actually went into why he was being such a jerk, I thought it was really sweet! It was so perfectly Hodgins. This episode should have come before "Outhouse." It would have flowed better after the Hodgela breakup. And I thought Michael Badalucco was a little boring at first, but I actually liked him in the end with Hodgins.

Anne said...

Omg this was such a touching episode, Hodgins made me wanna cry he seemed so confused and lost and vulnerable ( Kudos to TJ) water weld up in my eyes...Loved the BB hug at the end...and omg Brennan stole my heart she looked so vulnerable and confused, is it possible that she was referring to Zack when she kept saying the dog did as the MASTER asked...touching...loved the Epi

ADDhole said...

A very interesting point, Anne . . .

CupcakeBean said...

That is a good point anne. I hadn't thought of that. They did seem to emphasize the master thing.

Mo said...

i loveed this epi!!! i am so mad tho, cause i have DVR, and it cut off the last part!! AAAHH!! tht always makes me mad!! i called my friend and found out the last couple of minutes tho

I loved this episode, it was so sad about Ripley... Bones was all happy about wanting to adopt him, Booth did a great job comforting her! LOve him!

Anne said...

I don't know, I thought it was unexpected that she was so emotional...even if we know that Emily loves animals and cares a lot for their rights...i think their may have been some underlying issues for her to almost break down like that and she seemed to be repeating master a lot...I'll have to re watch it...Excellently played by Emily...cupcakebean I think she said he had reassuring eyes...but ya she did say that...I almost thought they were gonna kiss at the end when their eyes connected...wonderful moment

Stephanie said...

I almost thought they were gonna kiss at the end, too, but I think that I'm just going to expect that out of every episode until it happens since Hart promised Booth and Brennan would have a real kiss in season 4. I'm continually disappointed as far as that is concerned, lol.

Hodgins cracked me up throughout the entire episode. Cranky Hodgins is hysterical. His moment with Angela was kinda heartbreaking, though. I loved Parker, too. They really should use him more. And Emily, oh my goodness, she looked so upset through some of that dog fighting stuff. She totally had my heart, too. Wonderfully acted by her. Great episode! Sad, but great.

Yanin said...

I absolutely loved this epi! I think every aspect of it was just great. From the new intern to Hodgins to BB...WOW. Loved Cesar Milan in this. It made me chuckle whenever Brennan or Booth tried to do what he did with the dogs. The case was strong too this time, even though it made me really sad to see the dog fighting pictures. Emily's portrayal at the end of the epi broke my heart. She acted that amazingly well. I also thought, like someone else said, that maybe the whole "master" thing was a callback to Zach. It would make sense with the therapy and coping theme that we saw with Hodgins.

I feel like there is so much else I want to say, but I would probably be typing well into the night.

All in all...GREAT job to the actors, writers and everyone else! This was great and I LOVE the way season 4 is shaping up.

Here's to many more wonderful episodes from Bones!!! =)

Stephanie said...

I forgot to add that I'm pretty sure watching a little 5 year old Brennan stage her own death would be the funniest thing ever! Poor Russ having to go to a psychologist after finding his little sister hanging herself!

I agree that this episode does seem like it would've fit better after Yanks in the UK, which is funny because I believe there were at least one or two more written between last season's finale and this episode that haven't aired yet.

IceCube said...

I loved the only question. Booth said Parker was six...hasn't he been six for like 3 years now?

Anne said...

Icecube, If I recall in one episode of season 2 he was stated to be 4 years old Booth is like u gonna see the monkeys, monkeys r like human beeings and he starts immatating a monkey over the phone Bones starts to explain scientifically that people r not monkeys and Booth is like 4 year old bones...But Ty does look older...

CupcakeBean said...

You're right anne. Parker started out being 4 in The Man in the Fallout Shelter.

Juliette said...

i loved this!!!!
i really liked the intern and im so sad to see him go =( he was very helpful and knew so much about a bunch of different topics. (but the next cutie seems interesting! can't wait)

this case was way stronger than the last 2 and much more like the Bones we're used to. at first Hodgins kinda bugged me, but then when i realized the "why" i thought TJ played it out perfectly. i was heartbroken when brennan found out about ripley!!! she was so happy and excited...the burial was enacted wonderfully and i loved how booth comforted her =D

can't wait til next epi!

jojo said...

wow, the ending was just wow (this word seems to be the word to describe it.) it was heartbreaking... The first time I heard it, I knew right away that she was referring to Zack when she was giving the speech about Ripley. Then I rewatched it again and I am convinced this is a coping mechanism she is using.

Hodgin's "I'd say King of the lab, but that's too depressing" pulled my heart strings too.

this was a wow of an episode.

Ms. Feasance said...

"I forgot to add that I'm pretty sure watching a little 5 year old Brennan stage her own death would be the funniest thing ever!"

I might be reaching, but is that a closet reference to Harold and Maude, the stage version of which starred Eric Millegan?

Cate said...

I'm sure some great icons are going to pop up from that last scene! I actually missed this episode when it aired (I can't believe I missed my Bones), but I've converted my roommates so luckily they've got our "household" covered for the ratings :) Utorrent is awesome, that's all I have to say and this episode is absolutely amazing! Love it!

Jeannie said...

Just a couple of thoughts:

Somebody among the writers must have a serious obsession with the German language - they bring it up a lot, like with Epps and now here. (Or that time when they were talking about the German cannibal.) Wonder why that is? Anyway, kudos. They always get the words and the pronounciation right which is probably not an easy thing to do.

Also, I really liked the grad student. Hope they bring him back. I believe I read somewhere that Hart Hanson wanted to find out who the fans liked best, and this guy is definitely on my list.

Random fact: I own a dog, and I feel awesome about the way we trained it now. ;-) If 'down', 'sit', etc. means that a dog is well-trained than I'm safe. ;-)
However, from my experience, if a dog is not used to certain commandos it will not suddenly start following them without any training. I thought that was slightly unrealistic. Is the dog whisperer for real? That was very impressive! (Although it was TV so I'm not sure how much of it to believe. ;-))

cordy said...

I loved this epi, very emotional. And great acting specially on Emilys part. I was deeply moved although I'm not a dog-person.

I think the grad-student-of-the-week did quite well. But I wouldn't mind if we never see him again. Not so much potential IMO, so I could get boring pretty fast.

And please more Parker to come. This boy is just too cute.

Jeannie said...

I have some more thoughts on this episode.
I really loved the case, it had me guessing until the end, and when they resolved it I was shocked to see that almost 40 minutes had passed by. Very intriguing. However, one thing really bothered me - would the dogfighting people really have left those bones conveniently sticking out, all nicely together with the betting slips? Come on!

I really liked that Brennan told Booth that he was a good father. Because he is. ;-)
At first I was a bit surprised that Brennan had gotten so attached to the dog that she wanted to adopt it. For her, that's a big commitment. But as others have said before me, I think it has something to do with the Zack situation. I believe she was (subconciously) desperately looking for someone who wouldn't disappoint or betray her, so the dog was a safe choice. Also, I believe that seeing Booth so connected with Parker again once more made her realize how lonely she is. Hence the dog adopting. And I really loved how they threw in the line that she had asked Max to help her take care of it.

This is going to sound horrible, but I think it was a good story line to have the dog being put down. First, it shows more intensively how cruel mankind can be and what results from its actions. Second, I think it would have given a wrong message. I don't think you can just take home a dog that has already killed someone and pet it and love it and everything will be alright. I for one would probably never trust that dog again 100%, and I don't want people all over the world to think you can do just anything to dogs as long as you take them home at the end of the day and give them a cuddle. But that's just my personal opinion.

Also, I really liked that awkward Hodgins/Angela moment. I thought it was very well played and believable, and totally enough to remind us of the break-up.

So far, this has been an awesome season.

Jamie said...

I was in love with this episode, and I'm absolutely doing a HuffPo piece on it tonight, on dog-fighting. But I was so, so, so happy with this episode - Michael Badalucco, TJ Thyne's amazing tension-building and finally giving in, Parker, Brennan and how she is with animals, and the last scene where she was totally talking about Zack.

And Ms. Feasance, I thought the same exact thing you did about "Harold and Maude"!

Stephanie said...

Oh, was Eric Millegan in the stage version of Harold and Maude? That's funny because we just watched the film in my comedy class, and I thought the kid playin Harold looked a little like Eric! I thought about the film when Brennan was talking about staging her death, but I wasn't sure how many people actually knew that story, so I wasn't sure if that was meant to be a reference or not.

Speaking of references, was anyone else surprised when Brennan seemed to know what Booth's reference to Xena Warrior Princess meant? lol

CupcakeBean said...

"Speaking of references, was anyone else surprised when Brennan seemed to know what Booth's reference to Xena Warrior Princess meant? lol"

Totally stephanie! I was thinking the same thing!

I thought it was a little unbelieveable when Cesar Milan walked into the barn and commanded all of the dogs and they actually obeyed. I know the guy's good, but seriously? They are fighting dogs, not people's pets.

I agree with jeannie that the writers did the right thing in having Ripley put to sleep. When Brennan started talking about adopting him, I thought to myself, "There's no way they would let that dog be adopted!" As fun as it would have been to see Brennan get a dog, it's just not realistic. They usually put fighting dogs down, even when they haven't shown aggression to humans. It's a horrible reality and I'm glad the writers didn't ignore it. Maybe this episode will draw some attention to the issue.

Tracie said...

I posted the preview up for next weeks ep :)

And not sure if you want it, but I also posted the spot that was shown on dog fighting during the ep.

Maddie said...

i jus thought bout something... didnt the futon critic site say tht bones scolds booth for not letting her fend for herself??
i have remembered some of those things randomly.... like in an aussielo report from early june, it was about the premiere, and what will be happening... i remember he said this august bones and booth will have something to do with an english phone booth, and then some breakfast food. idk if they jus meant they were going to london, but evrey1 already knew tht.... idk, sometimes i wish i could stay away from spoilers!!
anywho... i loved this episode... so heartwarming at the end, i agree with the other tht there will be many icons with bones and booth on the last scene... just too cute
sorry for writing so much! <3

Adrian said...

The whole thing at the end with the "Master" got me thinking. I'm glad I'm not alone. I did enjoy this episode.

One thing, can someone help me out? There was a scene in the vet's office. Brennan and Booth were questioning the vet tech/lover of the deceased. What was the word Brennan said she used incorrectly? I think I have an extensive vocabulary and I've never heard the word before. Obsessive, I guess but I have to know.

Adrian said...

Just going to start by saying I loved the episode. I went and played with my dog the rest of the evening because of the closing.

A friend of mine has a dog that attacked another dog. She thought the only option was to put the dog to sleep. A "Dog Whisperer" came to help her and had the dog taking commands the minute he walked up. We were amazed. I personally feel dog trainers should be called owner trainers. The methods he taught were more for the owner taking the role of "pack leader".

Now, although the dogs in the show were portrayed as "fighting dogs", they were trained dogs. The dog whisperer would be able to command them much easier than abused fighting animals.

Shep said...

fbsxAwwww - this episode was adorable! It's nice to see Booth interacting with his son - we haven't seen Parker in a while. Booth is a great father!
The whole girl-carrying-him-around-like-a-monkey thing was cute.

I felt so sorry for Hodgins and Ripley's burial was heartbreaking -Brennan was so attached to him.
I also picked up on the 'master' thing - you can see the Zack fiasco really hit both Hodgins and Brennan hard, more so than the rest of the team.

Yanin said...

Adrian...I believe the word was enervating. I wasn't familiar with it either. =)

Shep said...

I knew the word 'enervate' - it means 'to weaken', although J.K.Rowling used it as a spell which woke up a mgically subdued person in the Harry Potter books.

Just a bit of random trivia there! ;D

TempeBooth said...

Can't believe nobody has commented at how funny Boreanaz was in this. I mean, the man is a pleasant surprise each and every episode. Is it because I am unhealthily infatuated with him? Probably. But you have to give him credit for comedic timing. It's absolutely brilliant. Same goes for Emily.

Jeannie said...

I found it interesting that Booth, even though he often makes fun of Sweets and his therapy, seemed to trust him enough to help him with his son. That speaks volumes to me.

Anonymous said...

I noticed how hot David look, digging the grave for the dog, he looked buff. Parker and Booth make me melt, love to see more of them two together.

Emilie said...

I loved this episode but it's was Angela who get on my nerves. Hodgins was perfect as for Booth, Sweets, Parker and especially Bones (the scenes in Booth's Office and the park with the grave are my favourites in this episode. Excellent job to Emily not only in this one but also in "the Man in the Outhouse" She's getting better in every episodes. Too sad we didn't get much from Cam!

Amanda said...

I missed this Wednesday night because I was still in an Ike-induced blackout. Grr. Am watching now on hulu.

I didn't like the GS, at least not at first. I did like Hodgins getting more and more tense, then coming to terms with what was going on. I liked the moment where the GS and Hodgins recognized each other. Was that an allusion to CSI?

I did like that it was okay for Hodgins to be angry (even if you don't like him being cranky, it's completely justifiable and believable).

I'm not sure I like the side plot of Brennan getting messed up by seeing a dead body as a kid.

I liked Parker--he's growing up and getting some actual dialogue. Cool. I also liked the look on Booth's face when Sweets told him Parker was proud of his father. (Seriously, guys, Booth and Parker are SO my brother and his little boy--same ages and everything).

Though I think they're dragging out Hodgela a bit, I appreciated the "oh $hit" moment when they made the link to the astroturf cleaning agent.

I'm not sure I liked the guest star of the week. Was Milan necessary to the plot or was it just a tool to drum up ratings? Yeah, it was cool that he got the dogs to obey him, but I think in reality the dogs would have been sedated and/or muzzled while doing a lot of what was shown. (/end dog fancier rant).

I think the final speech was a touch on what happened with Zack.

Another personal note, I lost one of my dogs a little over a year ago (she was 15, I adopted her at 4) and my Dad helped me bury her. It was one of the few times I've seen him tear up.

On a different note, it was nice to see Bullies getting a little good light here-- the APBT (Gladys) being a NORMAL APBT just playing with a toy was fantastic.

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