Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Futoncritic talks to David Boreanaz

As part of the reporter conference call, also highlighted here and here,'s Jim Halterman spoke with David Boreanaz about Bones, London, and Season 4.

One of the things that "Bones" has done so well from the start is expertly balancing the humor and the crime of the week. When asked how they keep both elements move forward so steadily, he felt that, "it's a very fine line. There are a lot of fine moments that I'm always like 'David you're playing Booth a little bit too much over the top or a little too goofy.' Those notes come to me sometimes because I bring at least 150% percent of his energy in his scenes. It's a lot easier to bring him down than it is to bring him up, believe me." Speaking more specifically about the work he and Deschanel bring to the series, he revealed that, "we get scripts that don't have specific moments or things that Emily and I will put in... because really it's the characters that kind of pop and create the show that exists today and makes it better and fun to watch because of these moments."
You can read the entire piece here. Other than talking about what he wants to see in regards to Booth this season, the interview is spoiler-free.


Louise said...

I'm really liking what I'm hearing from DB for this season. He seems to have thought about two things that I've been worried about - 1) not taking Booth too over-the-top and goofy, and 2) showing the vulnerable side to Booth.

It's great to hear how invested he is in the character ... he doesn't just show up for work and read the script, he really thinks about how it should develop.

Jeannie said...

Exactly those are the things I've been worried about, too, and I'm glad to see he (and others on the show) are aware of them. As much as Booth's goofyness makes for funny moments of the show, it is almost getting a bit too much for me lately. It makes the character so two-dimensional (because as we know from Brennan, there is no such thing as one-dimensional for people), and there is so much more to him than that. I'm totally looking forward to the Booth family storyline this year!

Amanda said...

I love the idea of Booth's darker side. One of my favorite moments of TV ever (ever!) is the last bit of "The Woman in the Garden" with Booth confronting the gang leader in the alley.

We also got to see a small side of Booth's dark past in "The Woman in the Car"

Booth: Cause I used to do this kind of work.

Bones: Rescuing people?

Booth: Or being the person they needed to be rescued from.

And again in "The Woman in the Tunnel"

Brennan: Maybe you could try the "Hey, we're brothers in arms" thing on him.

Booth: Ok, that, what you just said right there Bones, that was cynical. It was glib and cynical.

Brennan: (earnestly) Really?

Booth: Yes. Really. I know what that guy has been through.

Brennan: You killed a pregnant woman who was holding a child?

(Booth looks uncomfortable and doesn't answer for a while)

Booth: Look, if you really wanna know what I've done I'll tell you, but you better be ready for the truth. (Brennan looks at him and then looks away without answering) Good choice, Bones.

I'm definitely looking forward to learning more about Booth's past. It's interesting to me that, outside of the squints, he doesn't really hang out with anyone (that we see at least), though it's been alluded to (going to Hank's for dinner in S1 "The Soldier on the Grave"--and now that I think about it, I'm a little disappointed that we haven't seen him again. Cool character.)

Shep said...

Agreeing with everyone here.

I look forward to the idea of Booth confronting his darker issues.

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