Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Bonesday!

It's that time again - it's Bonesday!

So, what are your thoughts on Season 4 so far? Like the trend, love a particular episode, eager about various hinted spoilers? Dreading them?


Emma said...

YAY!!! I look foward the Wednesdays all week long. Just that one hour of Bones makes my day. It gets me through the long school week, haha. YAY for Bones! what would we all do without you? :)


TempeBooth said...

i like thinking long-term so all this jared-talk and trampy-bones don't get to me. i already have a vision of the series finale and that's what i'm focused on.

Shep said...

Same here Emma! Looking forward to seeing how the new season develops and keeping my fingers crossed for some B&B lovin'

But I need my daily dose of Bones -I swear it's like a drug for me, even if that means checking this site or watching old epsiodes

Milk Mama said...

I am loving this season. I love them all!!! :D I'm looking forward to more Bones. I think that the theme of "love" so far this season is a building up to certain B&B conversations on the subject. Plus, all of the times they've had to talk about it in, say, season 3, I've loved it. So I'm just peachy keen. ;)

jojo said...

YAY! it's Bonesday!

I had to keep saying that in my head in order to get through the long stressful day at school.

I am definetly loving this season so far :D

mo said...

Bonesday!! One word i can never grow tired of!! <3333

Walker said...

I'm excited, though I'm rather sick of the sex. Why is Bones so horny these days? Anyway, I hope for more episodes like "Finger in the Nest" THAT, was a great episode. My favorite of this season.

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