Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Homework for Season 4

There's currently a poll on the right, and an accompanying post from a few days ago asking what you want to see in the 4th Season of Bones. Jamie Frevele has posted her own list over at her Huffington Post blog. It's a great read!

One of her must-haves:

More for Cam and Sweets: Poor Dr. Saroyan had to make Booth pretend to be her boyfriend last season. Have you seen Tamara Taylor? Because Cam looks just like her. Please, hook the girl up! She deserves it! As for Sweets (John Francis Daley)? We've seen him get dumped, we've seen him as a believable red herring for Gormogon's apprentice, and we've seen him really annoy Bones and Booth. We like him, but it's time to put him in some sort of peril so we can find a reason to care about him. Or make him a killer, like you did with the other cute one with the funny lines.


Milk Mama said...

lol "like the other one with the funny lines"--hahaha... But seriously, I love Sweets. And I TOTALLY agree about Cam. HAVE YOU SEEN HER? She's not exactly a man deterrent. She needs to be hooked up! LOL!

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