Tuesday, September 2, 2008

IGN talks with Emily Deschanel

IGN has posted a medium length interview with Emily Deschanel. It's spoiler free and talks a little about the Bones premier and a lot about filming in London.

IGN TV: How was it filming in London?

Emily Deschanel: It was great. It was amazing. We might have fifteen minutes of rain the whole time. It was gorgeous weather and London in the summertime when you have good weather… there's nothing better. It's such a beautiful city and everyone is outside. It's light until very late. Everyone is out drinking a lot at the pubs, for sure. It's fun and we had a great time. I was sick, so I missed days off, but I enjoyed working there.


Anne said...

You know on pictures of the London episode, we see Emily with hugs and a big winter coat, people were saying that was odd and strange, well maybe it was because she was sick and she just tried to stay worm...

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