Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Interview with Michaela Conlin

Somehow I missed this interview entirely. Here, BuddyTV interviews Michaela Conlin. They talk a lot about Bones Season 4 spoilers - everything from Birimbau to Zack.

Thanks, Su!


Milk Mama said...

Hey! That was a great interview! I love seeing interviews from Michaela Conlin. She's fantastic and so beautifully feminine. :D

Anonymous said...

God, she's adorable.

Thanks for posting.

Amanda said...

I can't help but think that they'll need to have Zack's help catching The Gravedigger.

I think having rotating Grad students is more realistic than having the same one all the time. I know that's something Hodgins pushed at Zack a little as far back as season 1, but it got pushed to the forefront in S2 when he got his doctorate.

That said, I hope it's not used to give us a guest star of the week.

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