Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Bones Birthday!

Sure, we've already had a bit of Season 4 of Bones, but today is the 3 year anniversary of the premier.

Bones Season 1 Cast

Bones Season 4 Cast

Looking back over the last 3 years, everyone has to have accumulated some favorites.
  • Favorite episode?
  • Favorite moment?
  • Favorite case?
  • Favorite guest star?
  • Favorite returning character?
There are many things each of us could pick out, about this show, that we love - that's our 'favorite.'

What are a few of yours?


Shep said...

I just watched teh Pilot again on Sky One.

Here's my list (not taking into account season 4 since I haven't seen it yet:
Episode - AHH, I can't decide. Maybe Baby in the Bough because it was cute! Or Pain in the Heart because of naked Booth! I also loved Two Bodies in the Lab! You can see where this is going..
Moment - The kiss! I was annoyed that it was a setup but teh intensity of the smooch even surprised Caroline! Who am I to deny smoochies!
Case - Again ahhh - possibly the Howard Epps arc - Epps gave me the creeps.
Guest Star - Gordon-Gordon! Who else!
Returning Character - Zack! - returning from Iraq.

But tbh - loved every moment, episode and case - except the part where Zack turned out to be Gormogon's apprentice,naturally.

Btw, I can't seem to be able to email you Wendy- it won't send to the blog website!

Shep said...

Never mind that last bit. It works now

Anonymous said...

FYI David Boreanaz is going to be a presenter at the primetime Emmys Sep 21st

alikitty619 said...

* Favorite episode?
"Man in the Fallout Shelter". I loved the team locked up at Christmas.

* Favorite moment?
Booth nakey in the bathtub! Too hot for words.

* Favorite case?
Grave Digger. Can't wait for it to be resolved.

* Favorite guest star?
Gordon-Gordon. I love Stephen Fry.

* Favorite returning character?
I'd have to go with Max. I like the complicated relationship between Bones and her dad.

Shep said...

Oh yeah, i completely forgot about The Gravedigger. So yes, that would have to be my favourite case too.

cordy said...

Oh Wendy, you've got some tough questions.

episode: I guess Verdict

moment: in Aliens when Booth runs down that hill after the explosion
and maybe mac'n'cheese they are both just too cute

case: probably the Gravedigger since this one isn't resolved yet

guest-star: that's easy Gordon-Gordon, who else?

returning character: this one is really really hard, I can't decide bewteen Max and Caroline

Joce said...

Favorite episode? Baby In the Bough for sure.

Favorite moment? Brennan singing Girls just want to have fun OR the halloween ep ending where she spins as Wonder Woman.

Favorite case? Boneless Bride

Favorite guest star? Billy Gibbons

Favorite returning character? Sweets even though now he is a credited cast member. Seeing that cutie every episode just completes the show.

Trish said...

Let me just say that I am finding these to be unbelievably tough questions and impossible to narrow down to just one answer.

Favorite Episodes: I've narrowed it down to "The Woman in the Sand" because it was a great case, we learned a little bit about Booth's past, and Tony and Roxie; "Killer in the Concrete" because it is a totally different spin with Brennan showing how much Booth means to her and charging to the rescue; and "The Verdict in the Story" because it was incredible from Brennan laughing hysterically at the beginning to the hug at the end.

Favorite Moment: Yet again, there are SO many. My favorites are the boxing scene from "The Woman in the Sand" from the part where Booth learns he's facing this giant of a man right through Brennan telling him what to do and where to hit the other guy and the end where he wraps his arm around her and says 'I did it.'; the tag from "Death in the Saddle" where Booth talks about the difference between crappy sex (role playing) and the real thing including the miracle that it can be; Booth on the stand in "The Verdict in the Story" because my heart breaks every time he says 'That's a lot of heart Bones.' and actually that for me goes right up through the hug at the end; and finally the tag for last week's episode "The Man in the Outhouse" about how there is someone out there for everyone.

Favorite Case: I loved the Howard Epps arc and was very sad to see him die. He was just smart enough and just creepy enough to keep me interested and wanting for more. I loved how he kept both Booth and Brennan off balance. It was truly nice to see.

Favorite Guest Star: It's a tie between Heath Freeman (Howard Epps) and Stephen Fry (Gordon Gordon). I loved them both from totally different ends of the spectrum.

Favorite Returning Character: Again it's a tie between Max Keenan (Ryan O'Neal) and Ms. Julian (Patricia Belcher). Those two make me smile every time they enter a scene. Whether it's Max's old time criminal/loving father antics or Caroline's puckishness and acerbic comebacks, I just love these two.

Joy_Booth said...

Hmm...that's kind of difficult...but I think I could give it a go.

Episode-The Woman in Limbo. He really shows he cares in that one, like bringing her Wong Foo's at midnight and claiming he "saw her lights from the street". And also when she cried on him in McVicor's (???) barn. That was a great episode for their relationship.

Moment-Without a doubt, when he jumped in front of that bullet for her. I'm sorry, but you don't do that for just anyone. That showed how much he loved her.

Case-Umm...Ahhh no clue. Maybe the Gravedigger arc, I don't know.

Returning Star- Zack! No contest!

But keep in mind that although I'm like completely obsessed with this show, I haven't seen much in Season Two. So this is all pretty much based off of Season's One and Three.

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