Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Bonesday!!

It's Bonesday!!

This one sort of snuck up on me, for reasons I'll share soon. But it's here!

Tonight we get to see "The Man in the Outhouse". You can read the description and see the pictures here.

There's no livechat or picture show and tell this time, but how about we have another special sharing:

Tips on converting new fans!

Mine won't work for everyone. I've not been able to get anyone to just watch Bones on my word alone (c'mon people!) but I have converted two new fans and have one more potential on the way.

1st fan - my husband. Well, after a period of me talking about it, blogging about it, and watching it he finally decided to come try it. He's not a die-hard fan, but he watches and enjoys it!
2nd and 3rd fans were drawn in by my Zack script. I let two non-fans read it and they decided that it sounded like a great show to watch.

What are your conversion tips?


Monisse said...

It's funny, I have converted quite a few non believers into Bones' fans already. First was my boyfriend, who was sick and tired of hearing me saying how good it was, and finally got around to sit and watch it with me, it's been a year now, and we have amazign discussions after the episodes. He's the type of guy that thinks the partners have nothing to do with each other (and I remind him how different both of us are) and that the partners should never engage in a romantic situation least they lose the good chemistry they already have. It makes me want to kick his back so badly...
And then there's one of my best friends, which is currently making late night sessions of watching Bones with me and is completly hooked to the show!
There's also a group of my colleagues at Uni who were also intrigued by my endless ramblings and are now also hooked to the show.
It's good to spread the Bone love, isn't it?
Happy Bonesday for you! :)

Zoe said...

Maybe I could be going on a tangent here, but I truly wish that S4XE2(IE "Man in the Outhouse") will bring back that sharp, envelope-pushing chemistry that I loved so much from the last 3 seasons. I guess I'm trying to say that I'm one of those veteran fans that has been quite disappointed with the premier.
... But is it just me, or is there anyone else who feels that so far (though indeed it is still quite very early) something seems to have gone missing in both the palpability of the chemistry and the credibility of the plots?

Louise said...

Eek! Not only is it Bonesday, but I've just seen some VERY big news in the new sides (off to read them shortly ...)

Zoe, I know what you mean. What I loved about Bones was that it was a fairly serious drama but ...
e.g. It's a drama, but with characters you care about. Or it's a drama, but with great chemistry between the leads. Or it's a drama, but with unexpected laugh-out-loud moments (see where I'm going with this ...)

I have felt recently that with the move to more character development and comedy, they're losing that drama base. Booth and Brennan used to really care about their cases first and foremost.

But, I'm hoping we're get back on track tonight. I'm still thinking of Yanks as the 'pre-season'.

Louise said...

Oh, in terms of converting people ... I haven't really converted him (or tried to), but my fiance sometimes watches Bones with me, and I think he's surprised by how much he enjoys it.

He's had proper laugh out loud moments (louder than I've heard him laugh at comedies) on at least two occasions ... once when Jack and Zack blow themselves up (Girl in Suite whatever), and recently when that guy headbutted Booth.

He also seemed particularly involved in Verdict in the Story (although he ended it with "so, did he do it, or not?"!). And when Angela kissed Grayson, he blurted out "but I thought she was with the other guy?".

Just goes to show, it's getting in there somehow. Although in a way I'd rather keep it to myself.

Louise said...

Me again ... has two clips from tonights episode for anyone that want to see them.

I can only watch them without sound at the moment ... booo!

Cordy said...

I think I converted my little brother, at least a little bit. He works shifts so it is a bit difficult for him to really get involved in any tv series. But lately he asked me about something for him and his girlfriend. So I gave him my season 1 box. A week later I asked him about it and he had already seen the whole season (without the girlfriend). Now he is rewatching with her :D And I gave him my season 2 dvds.

Shep said...

I think most of my mates are tired from my incessant ramblings - vif the word 'Bones' slips out, I hear a huge groan!. Others think it's perfectly acceptable for me to obssess but just haven't got the time, or can't be arsed to watch Bones.

ARGGHH! Whatever am I going to do!! I recently found out a friend watched Buffy and Angel (I had a major hyper-spaz which included lots of squealing when she said that), and she has actually heard of Bones (I know - *shock*), so maybe if I keep at it I might be able to convince her! But I'm still not sure...

Louise said...

I feel like I need to convert YOU guys!

Am I the only one reading the sides? There are some BIG spoilers in the latest ones ... big, huge!

Wendy said...

Sides are baaaaad! =)

It's so tempting to read them but they end up making me grumpy and then often don't turn out nearly the way I think they will. I must hold firm!

Trish said...

Conversion can be fun.

Last season, when I was visiting with my mom I was watching my Season 1 dvd's while working on something for her. She got so engrossed in the dvd's that we have made it a "girl's night". Over the summer, Friday nights we would get together with take-out and a little glug-glug-woohoo to watch the dvd's to get her caught up on the previous seasons. So now Wednesday nights are our "girl's night" much to my dad's chagrin.

Then there was my sister-in-law. My mom is in the middle of a health crisis and I've had to take over the role of keeping things together for everyone. My sister-in-law was worried about me and thought I needed a distraction so she asked to watch an episode with me. We started with the pilot and she has been hooked. Though she is really sqeamish on some things, she is simply intrigued by the chemistry between Booth and Brennan. My brother shakes his head at how I've corrupted his wife.

Then there is my boss who shocked me last Thursday when he dropped the bomb that he has been watching the reruns of Bones on TNT and made sure he was home in time to watch Bones the night before. He said I was a bad influence on him, because the only reason he was watching it was to see what I was getting so excited about. He really wants to understand what possesses me to leave work on time on Bonesday, what possessed me to be at the music store first thing last Tuesday morning to pick up the soundtrack, and why this is the only show on television I watch outside of my beloved NFL and NHL.

P.S. Sorry Louise. You and I tend to agree on most things, but sides are just evil. They totally ruin the episodes for me. I don't find the episodes as enjoyable when I know too much about what's supposed to be coming up next. Oh well, to each her own. :)

Louise said...

Wendy, trish - you're both right. I know I shouldn't read them but I can't help it :)

Then again ... I read the sides for Man in the Outhouse. Some bits were just as I expected, and most were even better. Even when I do read them, I try to keep an open mind, and I'm normally pleasantly surprised.

Cordy said...

Today is Bonesday in Germany. The first episode of season 3 starts in about 5 hours. And although I've seen the original english episode already (more than once actually) I'm quite excited.

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