Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Korbi hands out spoilers like Candy

Korbi, over at Zap2It, gives detailed information about tonight's premier - completely spoiler-heavy. Most of it is already known but it clearly answers what will, and won't, happen on the other side of the pond.

Check it out here.

She does not lack for Clark Edison love (hey, I like him too)...or maybe it's just big-time, old-school 90210 gushing:

Oh, and a fun fact for you, Eugene Byrd who plays Clark Edison, the squint that is sort of filling in for Zach in tonight's ep, is -- funny enough for a big 9-0 fan like moi -- a Beverly Hills, 90210 alum. Remember the season two episode where Brandon befriends a black family that includes Vivica Fox as Sherice Ashe and her brother, Ronny, a freshman photographer who volunteers to work at The Blaze? Um, Ronny is totally Clark Edison aka. Eugene Byrd! I don't know why, but that just makes me happy...


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