Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Livechat now!

A great group of us are live chatting about the premier right now. If you'd like to join us, drop an email to and I'll send you the invite info.

Live chat went strong for 1 1/2 hours! It was a blast and we will definitely do it again.


Joce said...

hmmm. The only problem with this is that west coasters didnt get to participate. maybe we could do a day after chat?

By the time I joined and was able to discuss the entire premire without spoiler discussion, everyone was logging off..

Louise said...

I tried to join in, but I'd already missed too much to catch up on, and found it too hard to jump in to the conversation.

I think I still prefer the forum format, where I can gather my thoughts and post them in one rather long—winded post (as you’ve probably witnessed!). I may join a future chat, but I’d be more likely to do it if it was the next day, when I have more time, and the pace is likely to be slower.

Thanks for taking the effort to set it up though!

Wendy said...

More likely the next one will be at a different time, maybe a pre-something chat, where most anyone who wants to participate can.

ADDhole said...

The "morning after" format would be really good and give more time to not only reflect on the episode but also all of the insightful comments of the participants in the chat. It was a maelstrom of activity, last night, which was fun but I so wanted to delve into the many great points being made. There are very sharp people hanging out, here, at OwB and I selfishly want as much interaction as possible with this stimulating bunch.

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