Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Man in the Outhouse - Live Thoughts

As usual, I can't be at the computer and the TV at the same time. But, that shouldn't stop the rest of you from sharing your thoughts! Post away, all your thoughts about "The Man in the Outhouse", as it airs.


Lisa said...

For a bunch of people who poke around in poo, they sure have pretty hair.

Lisa... again said...

KNOCKIN BOOTS???? really!??? Man!

Allie said...

I agree lisa! That diner scene had me in tears from laughter. Sweets lines are pure genius!

ashley said...

how jealous is booth?
haha. honestly!

Mom2ABnTB said...

Tears of joy...tears of joy. I felt elated when B/B had their talk at the end. *swoon*

Louise said...


That's what I'm talking about. Loved it. Will have more coherent thoughts tomorrow.

(p.s. I felt so bad for dumped Bones ... Emily played that very well. And what a way for Booth to make her feel better)

Trish said...

I REALLY enjoyed this episode.

This episode was just perfect for me. An interesting case. Incredible lab scenes that actually moved the show and case along. (Even the annoying grad student didn't diminish those scenes for me. Clark would have been happy this week.) The established Booth and Brennan relationship and those special moments where we see them at their best as partners and as friends while still evolving, bickering, and teasing/annoying each other.

"Jealous" Booth is fun. This is an interesting theme the writers have started this season about Booth trying to help Brennan find the right guy.

I also loved the interaction between Booth and Sweets. It intrigued me. Is Booth beginning to mellow a bit where Sweets is concerned?

Last comment. Is it just me or does Bones have the best episode tags in all of television. This sounds really awful, but as much as I can't wait for the episode each week, I find myself looking forward to those intimate moments at the end of the episode even more. Kudos to the writers and to David and Emily for their incredible talent of making these moments so special.

Amanda said...

Again, my response to the Booth speech is:


So.... so BOOTH to comfort dumped Brennan that way. I can't wait until this ep is on STC/Hulu tomorrow!

And good for Sweets! Both on poking and prodding at B&B and for going after Daisy.

My slight nitpick is that I've seen a ground squirrel hang out in an aeration tank (during my past life as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator) for a week and not break down as quickly as that dude in the pit toilet (outhouse).

I'm so glad that the case was pretty solid. Lots of character, but a decent case.

Little thing: Booth has a new SUV, something smaller and more fuel-efficient than his Tahoe. In the first car scene, though, it looks like he's back to his old habits of not wearing his seat belt.

Amanda said...

Oh, and one more thing, the "...tonight on Fox: Bones" tag (along with "'Til Death" and "Do Not Disturb") had a very touchy-feely B&B. VERY cute!

L said...

The end was just... perfect. :) Reminded me a little bit of the end of Judas on a Pole. But like, way more explicit!

And I'm now thoroughly convinced that Booth is in love with her but refuses to force her to feel the same and is just waiting patiently for her to follow his lead. :) Which is like the most romantic thing ever. Bones is such a lucky gal and she doesn't even realize what she's got! :/

joce said...

I've been interupted every scene of this episode....I need a strong lock on my door.

Anne said...

I sill feel the case was weak, but the BB moment sure made up for the poor ones in Yanks...but OMG...I really thought they would kiss I don't know if I imagined this cuz beeing so hypped cuz its Bonesday, but I thought Booth leaned in a bit towards Brennan...looked a lot like Verdic when she says sometimes ur really her eyes are so...breathtaking...well acted by Emily and David, the chemistry its definitly back...and thank god the intern was fired, cuz so annoying...but so cute for Sweets, definatly something there...but the last seen with Brennan and Booth stole my to I'm convinced he loves cute gotta love a man like booth as for Hodgela, there was no interaction because we can't forget that these episodes were shot before yanks so inconsistensies are gonna ba present...i'm sure as the show prgresses, well have loads of Hodgela moments...this is when we see the real impact of the strike...nyways love Bones and always will...go BB and the

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the ep yet... I taped it and will watch it the minute my eyes pop open in the morning. I just have to say that after reading everybody's comments here, I'm excited to watch it tomorrow. After the somewhat disappointing ep last week, I was apprehensive about tonight's ep. Now that I know you all are giving it a big thumbs up, I feel much better! Thanks! :)

Milk Mama said...

OH I loved this episode! It was probably my favorite of all time.... who am I kidding? I love all of the episodes!

Cordy said...

Good episode. Interesting case, not perfect but sure better then last weeks. The Brennan dating two guys thing was good. The worries thet some fans had about that where causeless IMO. But honestly thought Booth would show more jealousy. And him comforting her in the end was soo sweet.
Speaking of Sweets, the interaction between him and Booth was quite surprising. Booth seems to accept him more and more. And OMG him and this grad student Daisy? I think she was sooo annoying.
Nothing about Angela and Hodgins, that sucks a bit, let's see what next weeks epi brings.

just a frustrated B-fan! said...

Oh my GOD I'm dying here guys!
I've been trying to watch this episode online (I currently live in Barcelona, Spain) since I woke up and I just CAN'T!
The only place where it seems available is megavideo, and there the sound is displaced and I cant understand a word! And now after reading these comments... I really, REALLY want to see iiiiittt!!!
I hate Spain. I want to see Bones. Does anyone have any idea? Please help me!

Anonymous said...

Hey I live in Spain as I am Spanish and I watch Bones throuhg internet. I have no problem with it and I am sure anyone cab follow Bones throuhg,too. If you hate Spain I hope you are not in jail but free to move.
I love this chapter and the relantionship between B&B.

Johana Alvarez said...

I am totally upset! I get home late last night and I turn on mu DVR excited to see the new epi and it wasn't there! My DVR deleted everything I had (including all of the epi's from season 3) and removed all of my series recordings! So I am hoping that this new epi is up on the website tonight when I get home, or if not, then that at least it's on iTunes so I can download it!

A no longer frustrated bfan! said...

I managed to watch the ENTIRE episode by cleverly opening two tabs and pausing until the sound matched!!!
Is that very sad? Is it... too sad?
Well, at the moment I dont care because I LOVED this episode! I'm all about Booth and Bones, and the last scene was PRICELESS! Sooo cute! The diner scene was also great, and the confrontation betwee n the three guys... hehe
Looove Bones! (and I'm not in jail, haha, I forgive Spain now)

Joy_Booth said...

I absolutely LOVED this episode! And that talk at the end when he told her that there was someone out there for everyone, I was like "NO DUH!! IT'S YOU!!" But that was sooooooo cute!

But was I the only one creeped out when Sweets said that Bones was HOT??? I'm sorry that was just too weird for me. And obviously Brennan thought so too because did you see her face? And Booth...ah we love him. He was just jealous all around last night. He's so cute!!!!

Bones bones BONES! said...

Oh, and I forgot to add!
(slight spoilers I guess if someone hasn't seen the episode)
I am now CONVINCED Booth is aware of his feelings for Bones, I mean when he tells her to just be open to the possibility that someone is right for her, that she's meant to be with him...! Awwwwwwwwww!

Monisse said...

I actually liked the case pretty much, and not so much the joly intern, but it was quite a good mach for Sweets!
Also, I liked how Brennan was busted, there you go girl, poligamous relationships do not work.
All in all, it was a nice case with a wonderful ending!

Zoe said...

Ahhh. I am so back on the drooling bandwagon for Bones. So glad the crime plot actually provided some support for the poignant dramatic moments.

louise said...

Ok, have calmed down a bit now, and managed to collate my thoughts into a huge post as always ...

All in all, this was Bones back to its best. I love that it was just like a normal Bones episode.

General thoughts:-

I liked the way they dealt with the two-guys thing … Booth was a lot less jealous in the initial scene than I expected (more amused). I found it interesting that he didn’t really seem to have a problem with her seeing Mark … it was only when she mentioned seeing two guys at the same time that he started to argue with her. I like that – it seemed that he was concerned about her feelings more than his … he knew it could only end badly, and was worried she’d get hurt.

I was surprised that there was no Hodgela fallout. I know this ep was filmed long before the premiere, and was actually going to be the third ep, but I thought they would have re-shot or edited some scenes to work it in though. But I’m glad they didn’t … it would have been too much happening otherwise, and we never actually saw them talk to each other, which kind of worked. They do still have to work together, after all.

The new assistant was incredibly annoying (and meant to be of course) – but I loved the others' reactions to her. Just the way Cam and Hodgins stared her down – hysterical! And aww … Sweets has a girlfriend!

Sweets was still in this episode far too much … or more, he was in the wrong scenes. Going through the videos with Booth made sense. Standing in a hazmat suit while they examine the body? Not so much. They did almost make it work with his comments about the murder, but seriously – they could have just told him their findings later.

Loved the scene in the diner. Too many great moments to mention without quoting the whole scene, but I loved the way Booth and Brennan looked at Sweets when he accidentally said “you are hot”. It was like they were thinking “eww, the twelve year old has a crush on you. Weird!”

The end scene, of course, was beautiful. I felt so bad for Brennan when she was saying that the guys broke up with her … that’s a lot more vulnerable than we normally see her (and you could tell it affected Booth too). I thought Emily played it really well with that kind of nervous laughter (reminded me of Michael Cera, that skinny kid from Superbad and Juno). Loved how quick Booth was to try to make her feel better, and then to lighten the mood by offering to take her out to dinner. More importantly … they went on a date! With her looking like that! Also loved that it was Brennan who quickly made sure that Sweets wasn’t coming.

I’ve always thought of Booth being aware of his feelings for Brennan, and Brennan being the oblivious/in denial one. In that scene, I felt more like it was the other way round … like she’s the one that has feelings for him, but is scared of rejection, or thinks he doesn’t like her like that. It also seemed like Booth was being a bit in denial … how can he tell Brennan that the right guy is out there, but not say it’s him?!

It also had lots of those little moments that makes Bones so great …

Booth eating cereal, then wiping his mouth on his tie

Crazy stalker guy

Booth and Brennan discussing tantric yoga!

Booth: The botanist and the deep-sea welder
Sweets: What? Did they go into a bar?

Hodgins: And drumroll … ok, optional

I’m sure I have lots of other thoughts, but can’t think of any for now! I'm just trying to ignore the fact that as of tomorrow I'll be in the UK for three weeks, so no Bones for me!

ADDhole said...

Ah. What a refreshing return to the real Bones experience! Sooo many times superior in every way to the premier. This was a fantastic episode. Good use of squints, some actual science by Brennan, I liked the buddy relationship of Booth and Sweets . . OK . . . There was "nothing" not to like about this one. Of course, that's an exaggeration but they were small things like Sweets not making much of the observed jealousy of Booth with Brennan's men.

Anyway, that long held look at the end was worth the price of admission and the girl clique of Tempe/Cam/Angela needs more play in future episodes. Here's hoping for more like this for this season.

Anonymous said...

Definitely vintage bones.

I don't want to repeat what has been said. I loved the episode, of course, and the case wasn't that strong but I have to admit a couple of the red herrings did throw me.

As for the B&B moment, I agree with Louise. For all the love that seems to shine out of Booth on a regular basis, there was a measure of detachment here, as if he was saying it truly just to make her happy, no agenda or personal regard. Whereas Brennan (kudos to ED) looked completely vulnerable and -for once- truly soaking in the affectionate words. It was a nice moment.

And my god! Did anyone notice Sweets' face when B&B were staring at each other? Boy looked like he was about to let out his twelve-year old and squeal. He was positively giddy.

Jeannie said...

Aside from the obvious, two things really stood out to me during this episode. First, this was the first time that Brennan didn't judge or attack Booth's religious beliefs! Instead how telling him that he was wrong, she found them 'fascinating' (if I remember correctly). In my opinion, that's a huge step in their relationship. And second (some have already mentioned this), I thought it was very interesting that Booth did not feel jealous enough to react either aggressively or defensive, he was more amused, it seemed. I took that as a sign that he feels very confident in his relationship with Brennan right now, whatever it might be labeled as, but he knows that he has something special with her that can not be substituted or taken away easily. In my opinion, that's another huge step forward for them.

Mo said...

like someone else said, it was kinda like the end of judas on a pole, but shows how much they have grown together since.... i love it

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