Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mandi Bierly dishes Bones, David Boreanaz and more

Mandi Bierly has posted a blog entry dishing on her David Boreanaz interview and her appearance on the Podcast rumble with myself, Lindsey, and Jamie.

Check out the full entry here.

I love this part of her post:

The soothing music almost lulled [David Boreanaz] to sleep on a comfy cream leather couch. Luckily, there was just enough foot traffic to keep him awake — and laughing. He greeted every hotel employee that passed through and told one robed woman that she'd made a good choice when she grabbed an orange from the fruit platter. (Though he'd later steal a banana.) When Ivanka Trump walked by later, leading a large tour, he repeated "Bones, 8 o'clock, Wednesday nights, best show on television" on loop. (One woman said she was now going to put the show on her DVR — ha!)
I really think she did the best interview we've seen lately, don't you?


Jeannie said...

Very funny. And a nice change from all the "When are Bones and Booth going to get together as a couple" interviews.

Milky said...

It was an interesting interview, that's for sure. It was a scope at his life-- from the fan-letter to Fawcett and the story of him behind bars, added by the sleepy DB on a comfy couch... The image of him as the dad of 90210 and, of course, the celebrity team to which he added his wife cause she can melt ice... cute!

Oh, and the stories of him and his son? Gorgeous.

It was certainly a different approach to DB, which is what makes the interview special.

Anonymous said...

I love that man. He's just so funny (and being amazingly gorgeous doesn't hurt either!).

Shep said...

The guy is perfect in every way!

Brianne said...

I loved this interview! It was so much more than a "tell me about the show" kind of interview we seem to get shoved at us all the time.

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