Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MSN Interview with David Boreanaz

MSN has a more complete interview with David Boreanaz from this week's reporter conference call. Check out the full interview here.

A few non-spoiler excerpts:

On what impact him being a producer has on the show's story lines:

It's really a lot of character stuff and ideas, and implementing them into the story line or scripts.

On following the career path of Bruce Willis, an actor whose first big break was on "Moonlighting" as a detective with major sexual chemistry between him and his partner:

I think it was the second season of "Bones," I bumped into him and he couldn't have been nicer. He was very cool. He said, "You're doing a great job." And I said, "Well, I'm just following your lead. I have such high respect for you." It was a really cool moment.

On "Bones" being more widely viewed than his two previous series that had a cult following:

I think what's great about "Bones" is that it's been embraced by the critics and by a following of people that have really supported us from the beginning, which in retrospect is the same as the other shows that I was on. We still remain pretty much under the radar. I still believe there's a lot of growth for the show. I think the beauty has been its gradual increase.


Zoe said...

Does anyone know this mystery lady that DB and Hart always mention, who was practically "the girl" before ED showed up? Hart actually made a point in an interview that DB was re---ally rooting for her and was quite irked when ED landed the part; hence the quite aggressive camera test that later transferred into the pilot (and i have rambled again... whoops)

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Louise said...

Zoe ... I can't remember her name, but I think it's someone that DB previously worked with on either Buffy or Angel ... I'm sure someone else will know!

Nikki said...

The other actress was Elisabeth Rohm. She played Kate Lockley, the detective that helped Angel, on some cases, in seasons 1 and 2 :) I could see her playing Brennan, as well.

Shep said...

Ooh, Booth's apartment! I'd like to see how he starts the day! I think the only part of his apartment we've seen is the bathroom - brilliant scene though! The rubber duckie had me cracking up! :D

Zoe said...

Wow. That was a load off my chest. Thanks so much for the info. It's simply amazing the info (and power!) we fans have ... Hart Hanson should keep that in mind when he makes amends? to the Zach-situation. (Oh how I wish it will turn out that Zach actually DIDN'T kill the lobbyist and that he CAN comeback to the Jeffersonian!)

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