Monday, September 1, 2008

New Season 4 Promo

Here's a promo for multiple Season 4 episodes of Bones. Enjoy!

Thanks, Tracie! You still rock the promos.


Shep said...

'What do I look like Ranger Rick?'

'Did you see his chest..and his thighs?' - I never thought I 'd hear her say that!
I could be wrong but Mark doesn't look that great to me!

More opportunities to see jealous Booth - I can't wait!


Jeannie said...

Ok, who is Ranger Rick? Someone please fill me in.
Shep, I could hardly catch a glimpse of Mark! What did you do, pause the video? ;-)

Shep said...

I have no idea about Ranger Rick but I didn't get that good a look at Mark either. I paused the video but it's kind of blurry.

I used my imagination a bit. And anyway, even if he has good a nice body I doubt he will ever be as hot as Booth in his looks or his body for that matter.

But I'm just being biased - I love and will settle for Booth and only Booth. Then again, everyone has different tastes e.g. some girls think Bradd Pitt is gorgeous, I think not (no offence).

Anonymous said...

in the beginning of the clip, it looks like they are by the ocean for a crime scene. sound sinteresting. I cant wait it is going to be such an awesome season!!!!!

Shep said...

Just googled it - Ranger Rick is a US children's nature magazine. It is also the name of a racoon in the magazine who explores the world, (with his gang of friends) and often encounters threats to wildlife and environmental problems! Lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the promo! :D Brennan seems very out of character with that remark, shallow and kinda trampy!

Emma said...

I dont know... I think the writers woud claim that commenting about Mark's "legs" and "thighs" would be along her rational side of comments like saying that Booth would be a good "mate."

Haha, lol. I dont know, that's just my interpretation

Jeannie said...

I agree, Emma, and she also said something similiar about Charly, the overnight guy, in Man in the Bear.

jojo said...

I SERIOUSLY cannot wait for season 4 to start!! oh the hilarity.

Shep said...

I know what you mean Jojo.

The waiting is excruciating!

Milky said...

I love her face when she's talking about Mark's body. She's surely enjoying the memory! lol.

But, as a soon-to-be trained psychologist, I must say she's just in displacement. She can't accept she thinks that of Booth, so she seeks some other man to pour those ideas.
Same with the other guy. I'm convinced! :p

Shep said...

Hmm, Milky: you'll soon be able to give Gordon-Gordon a run for his money! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow Bones really is such a McSluttie!

Get a grip! how did Booth see the guys thighs, he was wearing a towel down to his knees!

Maybe we could have an episode that has Cam talking about how good Booth is in bed, maybe not, since she is obviously classier than Bones!

Using a guy just for a sex object is wrong, next she will be paying for it!

Glad that both guys dump her for cheating on them - she deserves it - Brennan McSluttie

Booth should be getting someaction this year, mean look at him, he could have his choice of any woman he wanted instead of wssting his time on someone who obviously doesn't care and rubs her sexual activities in his face!

Milky said...

Well, Shep...
I'd actually give Gordon a run for one of his patients, lol!

Shep said...

Oh I bet you would!
There wouldn't be a spot available in the meetings for someone to come and watch would there? Just to observe your excellent psychology skills on the steadfast man of course! ;p

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