Sunday, September 14, 2008

Next Episode: The Finger in the Nest

Our next Bones episode is "The Finger in the Nest," airing Wednesday September 17th. If you'd like to read the full Fox press release description, you can check it out over at FutonCritic. I, for one, am really looking forward to this week's grad student.

But, there are also pictures, and video for this episode too!

Fox on Demand has a nice video highlight of the episode. Unfortunately that is for US residents only.

If you can't see that, you can at least (hopefully) watch this video of an interview with this week's main, non-grad student, guest star, Cesar Millan.

If you can watch the Fox video, you still want to watch this one. It's a highlight from "Fox All Access" and has different footage and interviews from the Fox on Demand video.

And, the promo for "The Finger in the Nest" from the end of "The Man in the Outhouse."


newbie11 said...

*squee* I love how physical Booth and Bones were in the Fox announcement at the end of this video clip. They're too cute for words!!!

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