Sunday, September 21, 2008

Next Episode: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

I give you big kudos if you've avoided the big spoiler for this episode.

Check out the episode description at The Futon Critic.

And here's the promo for the episode, as shown at the end of The Finger in the Nest.

If you have managed to stay unspoiled, well, close your eyes and scroll right past these big fat spoiler pictures and stay blissfully unaware.


Deepa Dev said...

"I'd say King of the lab, but that's too depressing."

Ms. Feasance said...
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Ms. Feasance said...

Every time I see those pictures, they bug me for one reason, and one reason only: those gloves look like gardener's gloves from Home Depot.

And the uniform whiteness is actually making me start to miss Zack's retina-scarring acid-blue-and-green fashion monstrosity, that showed up more than once. (Again, I might be biased, having stared at it for approximately 12.5 hours while transcribing Man in the Mud for 206_Bones, but still, my eyes, they burn.)

Milk Mama said...

Yay! Zack! :D

That commercial is hilarious. The announcer saying, "Yeah... it's awkward." Is hilarious!

PS... the ABY isn't working right now. Didn't know if you knew that. Every time it says something about the post ID not existing or something like that.

Wendy said...

I didn't know what Milkmama, but I see what you mean now. I'm sure Lindsey will have it back up soon!

Mom2ABnTB said...

Well that wasn't what I was expecting...and before I saw the pics of Zack I thought I had remained spoiler-free. Now I know I wasn't spoiler-free and it is Tv Guide's fault. UGH. lol. Glad to see Z-man back!

Shep said...

Yay Zack! It's so sad how those pics make him look as if nothing ever happened (well, apart from teh gloves and white clothes)but we know that isn't true! :(

Shep said...

By the way, has anyone else noticed that FBI hands-on-hips pose Booth often has - it would make other guys looks stupid but Booth just looks even more manly! I love it!

Jeannie said...

Ok, I'm trying to type this without looking at the pics or the comments to my right but I didn't know where else to put my question. Are they messing with the episode order again? Because I seem to remember that the first 4 episodes of season 4 that were supposed to be on the season 3 DVDs did not include this one. I believe this episode was shot rather recently, right? I kind of remember seeing the post about the episode title a couple of weeks ago. So, are they changing the DVDs now?

Wendy said...

The first four episodes on the dvd includes Yanks and 2 different episodes:

* The Yanks in the UK, Part One
* The Yanks in the UK, Part Two
* The Man in the Outhouse
* The Finger in the Nest

Jeannie said...

Um, thanks. It helps if you know how to count to four, I guess. ;-)It's all good then.

Amanda said...

re: Home Depot gloves.

Yeah, I was hoping for some painted-latex type "prosthetics" ala Krycek.

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