Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not technically new, but new specifics?

Orlando Sentinel TV critic Hal Boedeker has a few tidbits from David Boreanaz on the Booth/Bones relationship progression this season. Is it just me, or is that more specific than what we've heard before? It's still a tease, but it's a tease with details, I think.


Shep said...

Fantasy episode - don't care as long as we see some B/B lovin'! Even if it's only a fantasy, at least it will quench my thirst for a while!

But 'closer then ... apart'!!!! NOOO!!! What's that supposed to mean? Unless its closer-apart-even closer! *whimper*

Mella said...

I seriously hate the whole fantasy idea

L said...

That's the AU episode that was in a spoiler posted earlier.

I'm also on the fence about whether it's a good idea. :/ Some shows this kind of thing works, but this one? Hm. I mean, Bones isn't scifi. It's real sci! :P

Milky said...

I'm not sure I like the idea of the fantasy episides, either. They'd have to do it in a really clever way... I'm willing to think possitive of the writers this time.

But it says something about 'series of fantasies'? I guess that's a good idea, if they started having these dreams they start confusing with reality. I don't know, really.

And the "close-then-apart" bit-- well, it's in concordance with some of the theories going around somewhere, that something happens between them in the premier and that scares them enough (specially Brennan) for them to start seeing other people-- married or gay, that's not the point.

and to think than in about 24hrs you'll be just about to enjoy the premieeeer!
I'll have to retain myself from visiting OBW for a while :( at least till I catch up!

Amanda said...

The more I think about the fantasy/AU thing, the more I don't like it...

unless it's done in a believable way (like I've said in a comment on a previous post, the writers are talented and will likely pull it off well).

Kind of like the XF episodes "Bad Blood" and "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'" where they had a bit of a fantasy element with a He Said/She Said sort of vibe. Another one which also pulled at the same strings going for in BONES was the XF AU/Fantasy ep "Triangle" which WAS done really well.

So, fun can be had without losing viewers, but I think it's a fine line between giving the fans what they want and pandering.

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