Sunday, September 21, 2008

On that Ryan O'Neal thing

I've known about this Ryan O'Neal arrest issue for days, but been highly resistant to posting anything. I could write a very long post about this but just on basic levels - the US is a country of innocent until proven guilty. People are arrested all the time for things that turn out not to be true and until there's more on it I didn't want to get into just posting all the latest gossip and maligning a man for something that, in the end, may or may not turn out to be true.

But, it's out there, everywhere, and if you've missed it, you can read about at the following links:


And that's probably all I'll say about it until there's a development one way or the other. It feels dirty to start getting into stuff like this.


Mo said...

i saw it on the internet last week... so i was hoping he would be okay, so we could see him on BOnes
And i was watching the Emmys... and i jus saw DB and his wife.. he was sooo him!! no sign of ED.. but he looked hot!!

chattypatra said...

You'd think people would be considered innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, thanks to the media and to our increasing cynicism as a society, I believe things are now the other way around. That upsets me to no end.

I don't believe he is guilty. This makes me very sad.

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