Monday, September 8, 2008

Promotional Screencaps of Booth and Brennan

Here are two screen captures of the promo images used in recent promotional commercials/videos for Bones.

The much-loved shot where they are laying down, arms around each other:

And another fun shot:

They were originally posted at the forums. Thanks for the heads up, Milky.


Shep said...

OMG - soooo gorgeous! They really are an amazing on-screen couple even if not officially a 'couple' in the plotlines yet!

And again I love Brennan's outfit!

Shep said...

Is it me, or does she look like she's but on a bit of weight in the second photo?

And I have to say it - DB's smile is GORGEOUS!

Milky said...

It seems to me her eyes look tired.
But it's a nice shot anyway; they look like a happy couple!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the first pic. I wish Fox would release a better quality version of that shot. I agree shep, she looks a little heavy in the second pic. I think it's her hair and her sleeves make her arms look larger.

*Lucy* said...

I LOVE these pics they are so nice they both look fantastic, they would make such a cute couple!!!

Milk Mama said...

Thanks Milky!

Oh my gosh!!! I just love it!!!

Shep, I think she's just scrunching her chin. That's all.

Yeah, they are so cute. *warm fuzzies*

Louise said...

See, they look so much cuter when they don't have the life Photoshopped out of them!

As for the second pic - yes, she does look a bit larger, but I think that's just because it's an action shot, and she's being pulled into DB. A small price to pay!

xhio said...

Yes in the second emily seems a bit heavier than usual, but I noticed the same thing in 'the man in the uthouse' trailer's scene where they're in therapy and she wears that top with HUGE v-neck (is it just me, or, at least from the photoshots, she seems to wear more provocative clothes that show a very large amount of her cleveage, this year?), maybe, it's just the outfit...

Anyway I want to watch the promo from where the 2nd picture has been shot, damn! :'(

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