Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Share your Bonesday

I thought I'd make a post, per Jeannie's suggestion, where you can share your corner of the Bones community.

Here's where I will be watching Bones in a couple of hours. I love my cushy couch and warm blanket. And see the big spiral where I start taking review notes?

Share your Bonesday!


Jeannie emailed me hers:

This is sort of a German thing, don’t know if it is done in other countries as well. For the first day at school the first-graders get a really big “Zuckertüte” over here, that is a huge “cone” filled with candy and school stuff to make their first day at school a bit sweeter, literally. Usually, you only get this for your very first day at school but my parents were always gracious about that – I got one everytime I started something new. New school, physical therapy school, language university – you get the idea. So I thought Bones should get one for the first day of their new season as well…

Ashley's Bonesday setup:

Angela's Bonesday fun (Mom2)

Amanda T's Bonesday (I love your shirt!):


Louise said...

Ooh, that looks like a very comfy couch. But I think you deserve to just have tonight off, and enjoy watching without making notes.

I will HOPEFULLY be curled up in the corner of my L-shaped couch, where HOPEFULLY my fiance wont bug me and HOPEFULLY will offer to cook dinner :)

Only 3 hours to go - woohoo!

(by the way, did anyone manage to catch DB on Regis and Kelly today? I can't find it anywhere)

Shep said...

I think you guys are about 5 hours behind the UK - its almost half past 11 here! Wishing you guys happy Bones watching - may you laugh your arse off not only for the premier but for the other episodes you will have the priviledge of viewing before me!

This is definitley my last post for at least 3 weeks - *sob*. Just gotta hold the excitement in until the 25th at which point I will type like the wind!

(and God, this sounds like I'm writing my last will & testament doesn't it! I must be obsessed!)

Anonymous said...

Tic toc tic toc tic toc... 20 minutes! :D

"Did you just call us 'Tic Toc?'"

(I hope somebody gets that quote or else I just look weird."

Ashley Packard said...

ha how can you NOT know the quote????
anyways... 15 MORE MINUTES!!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

I saw Regis & Kelly this morning. Regis pronounced Boreanaz wrong, so David pronounced Philbin wrong! It was funny!

Louise said...

Aww, Jeannie, I think it's really sweet that you gave Bones their own Zuckertüte (although I'm guessing you'll be sharing it)

Amanda - love your dedication to the cause. T-shirt, mug, socks - excellent!

Anonymous said...

hola soy Andrea -Argentina-
wooowwooo se ve que ella es muy fanatica de bones ----me encanta BONES muero por ver la 4 temporada...y no se cuando la daran aqui en Argentina---perdonen que escriba en español es que no soy buena para el ingles saludos!
Amo a Bones y a este blog que me mantiene al día =)!!

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